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Two women who took their new job’s dress code extremely seriously described an embarrassing but entertaining moment in a viral video.

In a TikTok video with more than 420,000 views and 36,000 likes at the time of writing, Emma Cassidy recounted what happened when she and her friend Holly were asked to work a wedding.

“No, guys, I’m so embarrassed!” Cassidy exclaimed in the video, before explaining that she and Holly were instructed to come “glamorous” to the glam-themed wedding.

However, when they arrived at the venue in the best possible manner, Cassidy and Holly quickly realized that they had misunderstood the instructions when they saw what their colleagues were wearing.

“We come in and sit down,” Cassidy said. “We sit there, pure and glamorous. Everyone is so quiet, right, pure glamour down to the smallest detail, and then they say we’re just waiting for the rest of the team.”

Emma and friend
Emma and Holly share their outfits in the viral video. The women went all glam at a wedding, only to realise they had misinterpreted the dress code.


When the rest of the staff arrived in pants and T-shirts, people wondered if the women were guests: “They actually sent them to another room and us in the opposite direction. We, you know, we go too far with the instruction,” Cassidy said in the video.

When the couple realized their mistake, they even considered leaving the event, but ultimately made the best of it.

“We did it after we almost left because we were embarrassed,” Cassidy said Newsweek. “(It) ended up being good because when the wedding started they asked the girls to change but they didn’t have any dresses on so we ended up being the girls serving the bottles because we were glamorous.”

In the comments on the TikTok video, people were laughing their heads off at the ladies’ particularly glamorous work looks.

“I mean, they said glamour,” said commenter Alison. TikTok user Natalie wrote: “Best thing I’ve heard all weekend.”

“Oh this is hilarious ladies,” said another commenter. One viewer wrote, “Better overdressed than underdressed.”

Some commenters on the viral video also pointed out that the color of Cassidy’s dress could have been interpreted as a faux pas.

“Oh God, Emma, ​​no… never wear red to a wedding,” said commenter Alana, referring to the old wives’ tale that wearing the color to a wedding means you slept with the groom – or at least wanted to.

“People said you couldn’t wear red because it meant you had slept with the groom, which I didn’t know,” Cassidy said.