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You’ve probably seen this on social media before: color consultants showing what colors look best on someone and what “season” it is. It’s a trend from the ’80s that’s making a comeback.

News4 takes a fun look at how Working 4 You works to help you save time and money and look good doing it.

Tarcela Knight of House of Colour said she started out as a colour consultant after growing up in uniform. As she got older, she was constantly looking for clothes she could wear over and over again.

“We all want that uniform. We just want it to be portable – I have to get out there. If you wear it in the best colors, it’s easy,” she said.

After each of their $375 consultations, clients receive a book of swatches showcasing their best colors, as well as information on the best hair colors, makeup and jewelry for their season.

What does a colour consultation include?

Knight said she asks her clients to come without makeup so she can see their skin in natural light in her studio. In front of a mirror, she places precisely colored fabrics over their shoulders, one at a time.

First, she determines whether someone has a warm or cool undertone. Then she looks at whether someone looks better in bright and colorful colors or soft and mixed colors.

What are the benefits of knowing your colors?

Knowing your colors can help you look great and avoid wasting time, energy or money on items that don’t suit you.

“If you know your best colors, you can block out all the noise,” says Knight, who is married to a soldier and has two children.

This is what News4’s Eun Yang learned from her color consultation

Knight placed curtains of different colors over Eun’s shoulders one by one, trying out cool and warm colors while looking at Eun’s face.

“I just want you to look at your face in the mirror,” Knight said.

In some colors they found that she had a healthy glow, in others her face seemed to be covered in shadows.

“You look so youthful in that!” Knight said of a bright green. A muted purple looked “casual,” while a dark plum looked “regal and expensive,” she said.

Knight found that Eun is a winter type with cool undertones and looks best in contrasting colors.

“These special colors make my face stand out,” Eun said of her color choices.

“I see you. You stand out. Look how lush your hair looks,” Knight said.

If someone knows their best colors, they can put together a capsule wardrobe that flatters them, Knight says.

“And look as good as you can,” Eun added.

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