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Perhaps the most important rule of any wedding is: “Don’t steal the show from the bride.” However, one couple broke this rule and encouraged their guests to steal the show from the bride by dressing up for the big day.

Rachel Feinberg and Jonathan Wegner got married on May 10th in the circle of their friends and family – and, in keeping with the happy couple’s dress code, they showed off their very best side.

While most brides try to stand out from their guests, Feinberg and Wegner set their wedding party a challenge: to steal the show from the bride on her own wedding day.

Wedding guests watch the first dance
Stock photo of wedding guests watching a couple’s first dance. A recent wedding has gone viral for its unconventional theme of “stealing the show from the bride.”

DGLimages/Getty Images

Guests didn’t shy away from going all out with their attire for the special occasion, with a video clip from the day going viral as the internet became obsessed with the unconventional dress code.

Shared on TikTok by Sarah Beaumont (@sarahbromont), the video, which shows clips of various guests throughout the wedding, received over 760,000 views and 80,000 likes from viewers obsessed with the trend-setting outfits.

The styles chosen by guests ranged from couture-inspired pieces to more comical pieces that had fun with fashion and themed accessories, such as a fruit hat, a bright cape and tie-dye prints that were seen throughout. In fact, it seemed like everyone in attendance took the instructions seriously, with Beaumont writing in the caption, “When the bride says deliver, you deliver.”

For those who were worried that anyone would actually pull it off despite the amount of tulle, sequins and bright colors on display at the event, the bride made sure she remained the main event of the fashion world with several outfit changes throughout the day, each one outdoing the last. Her look included a floral headpiece and a naked effect dress, with white tulle adding a bridal touch to the gown as she danced the night away with her guests.

What do the comments say?

Instead of the controversial and unconventional dress code causing an uproar, viewers of the video shared in the comments how much they liked the couple’s instructions to their guests.

“I really only want a wedding if it has this vibe. Otherwise I’ll just elope,” wrote one user.

“This is amazing!” added a second. “People forget that no one can steal the show from the bride and groom at their wedding. It’s literally their day! At least that’s my thoughts as a bride in 2025.”

“I’ve seen a few weddings with this theme and it’s my dream. All are beautiful, all are happy, all are art,” wrote one user. “I don’t need less to make me more. More makes us all more.”