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A wedding guest sparked a viral discussion when he said he got into a verbal altercation with the mother of a toddler who was looking at a tablet and turning up the volume while the wedding party was speaking.

In an anonymous post shared on Reddit, the guest writes: “At a reception dinner, there was a toddler sitting at the table behind me watching a video at high volume during the speeches.”

“I looked at it a few times because it was distracting and hoped they would get the hint to turn the volume down,” the poster continues. “The mom finally commented on it and said, ‘My kid didn’t nap today.’ I completely understand how important a child’s nap schedule is and that they can become little beasts if they don’t get enough sleep.”

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Children play video games with a digital tablet.


Nevertheless, the toddler’s mother made it a point to speak to the poster after the speeches.

“After the speeches were over, the mother confronted me very aggressively, thinking I was questioning her parenting skills and her choices regarding screen time,” the author writes. “I had said nothing to her and had not questioned her abilities as a mother at all.”

The post continues: “In general, I thought it was a matter of decency not to turn up the volume on electronic devices too high when someone is speaking in a public place or at an event?”

Wedding guests.

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By and large, commenters on the post sided with the wedding guest, arguing that the toddler’s mother shouldn’t have brought a tablet—or at least headphones.

“I have a toddler and occasionally take advantage of screen time in restaurants, especially when the meal takes a while and we’ve exhausted other distractions,” wrote one commenter. “You can be sure my kid is watching Peppa Pig on SILENT at the family-friendly burger joint because it’s rude to turn the sound on pretty much anywhere.”

Another added: “I see SO MANY adults in public listening to videos, music or TikTok at high volume and it makes me angry. Kids do it because their parents allow it – and yes, I am a parent and tell my kids to turn the volume down if it’s too loud.”

Still others argued that the problem was not necessarily a child problem.

“Honestly, I have seen far too many ‘grown’ people in their 20s and 30s acting like this, looking at things on their phones in inappropriate situations and places, such as in the middle of a wedding ceremony or even in religious buildings while ceremonies are taking place, and worst of all, in a library with no headphones and on a video call,” wrote one commenter.

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