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Vurvey’s human-driven approach to AI provides a powerful voice for all consumers and brand teams to scale co-creation



June 6, 2024

/PRNewswire/ —


the human-powered AI platform for the world’s most iconic and creative brands, today announced that it

2 million dollars

in financing to accelerate growth across corporate brands. The financing round was led by

Tindall Capital

This investment represents a significant milestone in Vurvey’s mission to enable everyone in the world to co-create with the brands they love, breaking the traditional research and innovation process that internal teams use to develop and bring new products to market.

Vurvey, AI platform powered by people (PRNewsfoto/Vurvey)

Vurvey differentiates itself from other platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT through its direct connection to human feedback loops. While most AI platforms rely solely on Large Language Models (LLM) to generate responses, Vurvey also integrates personalized AI agents, custom datasets, and thousands of real human stories to generate rich insights based on the voice of the consumer. Tasks that would require a week of manual effort can now be completed in minutes with Vurvey’s team of AI agents, called vTeam.

vTeam was introduced at Google Next ’24 and quickly captured the imagination of customers and interested investors.

Chad Scott

Managing Director,

Tindall Capital

an investor, said: “We are investing in the future of work, both in the way teams can use AI and the way consumers can use AI. Vurvey brings these worlds together and we want to be a big part of their future.”

Vurvey has partnered with several notable global brands across industries, including Adidas, Honda Motorcycles and Unilever, demonstrating that the platform has the potential to revolutionize the way companies interact with their teams and customers to co-create products that involve them from the start.

“Vurvey is an amazing research tool that allows people to give feedback on different ideas directly from their phone, selfie style,” said

Jamie Munger

Director of Strategy at Smart Design, a Vurvey client. “From there, we can instantly filter out answers and perspectives thanks to their AI insights.”

Vurvey’s customers use their AI agents in a variety of use cases to drive immediate business impact. For example, a global footwear company might use AI agents to synthesize thousands of customer interviews, trend reports and strategy briefs and develop new product concepts that meet emerging consumer demand. “With Vurvey, we see a clear path for brands to accelerate product development while also engaging more consumers. This engagement is the future of customer engagement,” said

Chad Reynolds

CEO and Founder of Vurvey.

The company plans to use the funding to expand Vurvey’s capabilities globally and develop new opportunities for brand partners and consumers to accelerate co-creation by building their own vTeams.

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based on Vurvey’s patented

Video survey platform


About Vurvey:


is the leading AI platform powered by people for the most iconic and creative brands. With a global community of over three million brand enthusiasts, Vurvey’s on-demand insights and ideas platform drives innovation for consumer products from CPG and beauty to luxury hotels and fashion. Vurvey, short for video poll, is inspired by the intersection of technology and consumer insights. Vurvey’s patented technology was founded and launched by

Chad Reynolds

in 2021. For more information, see


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Megan Hanson

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[email protected]

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