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AUSTIN, Texas (KFDA) – On Tuesday afternoon, the UIL approved several new rule changes for the upcoming school year.

Among the biggest changes was the division of the postseason into divisions in volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball and baseball.

The change will not impact the regular season, as the current district allocation will remain unchanged for 2024-26. The four qualified playoff teams from each district will then be divided into two divisions based on enrollment numbers at the start of the playoffs. The two smallest schools will be placed in a Division II group, while the two largest schools will be placed in a Division I group.

This format is similar to the current playoff system for football at the 6A level. It will produce multiple state champions in each classification where the change is implemented.

Here are the classifications the UIL will divide into each sport:

  • 1A-6A in boys and girls basketball
  • 2A-6A in volleyball, baseball and softball
  • 4A-6A in boys’ and girls’ football

“We are very excited about the opportunity for our athletic programs that the split division news from the UIL brings us today,” said John Peterson, Canyon ISD athletic director. “We look forward to competing in a very tough district in our boys’ and girls’ sports next year.”

This change creates 12 state champions in basketball and 11 state champions in volleyball, softball and baseball.

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