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TULSA, Oklahoma – Women In Recovery received a grant of over $10 million to expand its services to counties outside of Tulsa.

Demi Harris is one of the many women who faced a long prison sentence. Harris told 2 News that her life was very different before she got help.

“I was on the streets, doing drugs and stealing things like that,” Harris said

Harris said she spent two years in prison. She was released, but soon found herself back on drugs and facing an even longer prison sentence.

There she met women in recovery who helped her.

“Words cannot describe how much it meant to me to be accepted into the program, because I knew it was a completely new beginning for me,” Harris said.

The company will expand its services to Wagner, Washington, Osage and Pawnee counties, offering rehabilitation programs, expunging arrest warrants and helping inmates find jobs.

“I think all counties should have the opportunity to participate in Women in Recovery. It’s a great program, especially for women and mothers,” Harris said.

Mimi Tarrasch is one of the organizers and she said it is a big step forward for Oklahoma.

“For about three decades, we were the fourth largest prison. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are now the fourth largest prison in the country. And we want to continue this expansion to reduce these numbers,” Tarrasch said.

Harris said that thanks to Women in Recovery, she is doing well in her new job.

“It feels good. This is my career, this is my goal. I love it here,” Harris said.

Women In Recovery said they did not yet know exactly when their services would launch in rural areas.

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