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The U.S. Economic Development Agency has designated the Tulsa region as a technology hub. A regional initiative is now helping to lead Tulsa into a technology-leading future.

Megan Farley of Dewberry Architecture and Jennifer Hankins of Tulsa Innovation Labs joined News On 6 to discuss the new designation and what it means for the city of Tulsa.

Thanks to this innovation, Tulsa is one of more than 300 regions that applied for a $70 million grant, and Tulsa is one of 31 regions still in the running.

“We’re just excited to see new innovative things happening and the region growing,” Farley said. “Right now, we’re just waiting to see if our region is one of the few that has applied for up to $70 million in funding.”

If Tulsa receives the funding, it will be among the notable cities that Miami and Chicago have to offer.

“Tulsa is on the rise,” Hankins said. “Tulsa is and has the potential to be the next big technology hub in the United States.”

If Tulsa wins, the money will go toward starting new businesses, expanding university research and encouraging innovation throughout the region. Hankins said Tulsa is heavily involved in aerospace technology and the money will help the region expand in an area that Tulsa residents are already good at.

“The technology hub designation is about how we can ensure the economic competitiveness of the United States,” Hankins said. “So we are building on our existing strengths to take us into the future.”

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