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The driver fell down a grassy hill, hit a tree and landed in a parking garage

    Tree wins again! Mustang driver loses control and from then on it goes downhill

  • In the battle between trees and Ford Mustangs, foliage has won another victory.
  • This time the grass also played a role in the pony car’s demise.
  • The driver left the road after a burnout and ended up in a parking garage at least one floor below the street.

Ford Mustangs seem to have a knack for crashing, and today we found more evidence of that. A pony car was killed in what some are describing as an exit from a Cars and Coffee event gone wrong. It’s unclear how the driver could make so many bad decisions in a row, but he likely learned his lesson in the process.

The video begins with the Mustang noisily driving into the frame from right to left. From the sound, it is clear that the driver has slammed the accelerator pedal to the floor. However, within three seconds, the Mustang has left the road. It slides off the road to the left and lands on a grassy hill. Now that it has no traction to speak of, destruction is inevitable.

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The pony car slides down the hill, destroying a tree in the process. The driver’s condition is unknown, but the accident could have been worse if it weren’t for the tree. It appears to slow the car down quite a bit before the Mustang lands at the bottom of the hill. There, at the edge of the ground floor of a parking garage, it collides with a Ford truck and possibly another vehicle.

Video on Reddit

A photo of the sports car after it came to a stop shows the hood completely torn off, the front passenger wheel and tire halfway out of the wheel well, and the driver’s door damaged. It appears that none of the airbags deployed, which is somewhat surprising given the violence of this accident.

If it wasn’t obvious, this type of driving is clearly the best for the race track. Not only are there fewer trees this close to the road, but the chances of colliding with a parked car are practically zero.

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