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Preparing to check in The Palmetto Marriott Resort & Spa, 600 U.S. Highway 41, Palmetto, near the Bradenton Area Convention Center, is hosting a grand opening on May 30. The hotel, which already employs more than 100 people, is scheduled to open later this month. The property will feature 252 guest rooms, two resort pools, a spa, an amphitheater and an on-site restaurant. “The town of Palmetto has waited nearly 40 years for a hotel like the Palmetto Marriott Resort & Spa, and the first year alone is expected to provide nearly $5 million in tax relief to the town of Palmetto,” a news release said. David Teitelbaum, a hotelier, developer and member of the county’s Tourism Development Council who passed away in March 2020, championed the construction of a hotel on the Marriot site. Islander Courtesy Photo

Tourism development tax revenues in Manatee County fell nearly 10% in April compared to April 2023 revenues.

Revenue in 2023 was $3,227,222, compared to $2,915,794 in April of this year.

The peak tourism season typically coincides with spring break for local schools and Easter, both of which fell in March this year, when tax revenues exceeded $5.3 million.

The tourist tax, also known as the bed tax, is 5% on overnight stays of up to six months. Manatee County is considering raising the tax to 6%.

Tax revenues for April were collected by the county tax office from accommodation establishments throughout May and then reported on June 4.

Some details for April:

  • Holmes Beach lodging generated $800,053 or 27.44%;
  • Anna Maria earned $419,643 or 14.39%;
  • Bradenton Beach earned $136,217 or 4.67%;
  • Longboat Key, $248,464 or 8.52%;
  • Bradenton: $222,330 or 7.62%;
  • Palmetto: $6,556 or 0.22%.

Unincorporated accommodations in Manatee County generated the largest share of tax revenue – $1,082,631 or 37.13%.

After deducting the tax collector’s 3 percent administrative fee, the district’s net revenues in April were $2,828,417.

Later this summer, the opening of a 200-plus room Marriott hotel near the Bradenton Area Convention Center is expected to boost tax revenues in Palmetto, which has long produced the lowest TDT revenues.

However, the revenues do not flow back to the cities in which they were generated, but are spent at the district level.

The county’s Tourism Development Council serves as an advisory body, making recommendations on how to use revenues, and the elected county commission decides on spending.

According to state law, the revenue must be used to promote tourism.

Tourism entities that receive funds from the tourist tax include the Bradenton Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Bradenton Area Convention Center, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Realize Bradenton, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of downtown Bradenton.

Tourism projects funded by the tax include the redesign of the island’s beaches and the construction of the new Anna Maria City Pier.

Data on bed tax revenues in May will be published in early July.

The TDC meeting in Anna Maria was scheduled for June 10, the day The Islander went to print.

Tourist tax revenue in April:

April 2019: $1,490,454

April 2020: $449,905

April 2021: $2,423,608

April 2022: $3,108,553

April 2023: $3,227,222

April 2024: $2,915,794

Source: Manatee County Tax Collector

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