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Perhaps the most famous moment in a feature film dealing with the topic of sperm is the joyful performance “Every Sperm Is Sacred” in The Meaning of Life by Monty PythonThat could soon change, thanks to the efforts of splatter horror mastermind Tommy Wirkola, who appears to be following up on David Harbour’s 2022 thriller romp. Violent Night (available for streaming via Peacock subscription) with a family-friendly animated film about the germ cells, Spermageddon. I am an investor.

Wirkola has long been known for his hilarious and brutal deaths in the horror genre, for example in films such as Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (Streaming with a Amazon Prime subscriptionwhile the first film is running on Peacock) and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (on request via a YouTube TV subscription). But instead of the blood splattering everywhere and running into everyone’s face, it sounds like he’s focusing on a completely different viscous material, with Spermageddonwhich has one of the most amusing synopses I can think of, as shown below:

This is the story of Simon the sperm and his quest to find the greatest of them all. The wonderful egg. A seemingly impossible task, especially considering that they initially end up in the wrong place… In the same spirit as Sausage Party; with cute drawings, a youthful content similar to what we find in Terkel in Trouble and an extremely adult language that can only be surpassed by South Park, we are pleased to present you Spermageddon! By the way, did we mention that it’s also a musical?

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