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Legendary fashion designer Iris van Herpen is known for the simple symmetry and bold geometric patterns in her designs. She is an innovative favorite among entertainers and has dressed everyone from Beyoncé and Hunter Schaefer to Ali Wong and Elizabeth Debicki. But recently, the iconic designer created something very special for a Brazilian lawyer named Mariana Pavani. The bride-to-be worked with van Herpen to achieve the perfect look for her wedding. The result was a beautiful 3D printed wedding dress with a futuristic pattern, daring deep neckline and beautiful lace train.

The dress took 600 hours to complete, including 41 hours of printing time, and went through several iterations before it was finally ready for Pavani to wear. The process began with a 3D body scan, followed by several in-person fittings before the dress was finally completed at a special facility in Paris.

“We wanted to express Mariana’s love of nature, art and her femininity while pushing boundaries,” says van Herpen’s team. “We both believe that fashion is a form of art and that’s why she really dares to express herself to make her wedding a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The sculptural fluidity of her wedding dress seamlessly combines traditional couture craftsmanship with radical, forward-thinking techniques.”

The Dutch fashion icon’s work combines fearless symmetry and pattern with chic sophistication. Although Pavani had the honor of wearing the designer’s first 3D-printed wedding dress, it was far from the only piece in van Herpen’s impressive portfolio of 3D-printed geometric fashion. Several celebrities have even worn her designs to the Met Gala, including Grimes in 2021 and Mona Patel in 2024.

Legendary fashion designer Iris van Herpen is known for the simple symmetry and bold geometric patterns of her designs.

She recently designed a 3D printed wedding dress for a future Brazilian bride.

The dress, which took 41 hours to print and 600 hours to complete, is a testament to van Herpen’s skill and unique style, as it combines futuristic styles with classic bridal gown elements.

Iris van Herpen: Website | Instagram
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