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Celebrating International Women in Diplomacy Day Ask Amy: I said there can’t be any children at my wedding. My uncle is mad about that.

There is a brief chance of rain along the New Jersey coast tonight, but clear skies and pleasant weather will dominate the rest of the weekend.

Before 11 p.m. on Thursday evening, isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected, after which the sky will be mainly cloudy with lows of around 19 °C.

The rain quickly subsides and makes way for a wonderful Friday. The weather is mostly sunny and pleasantly warm, with maximum temperatures reaching almost 30 degrees. On Friday night, with clear skies, it cools down to a refreshing 14 degrees.

🎬✨Lighthouse Film Festival at LBI and other activities this weekend on the coast

Power failure?New Jersey residents can find out about power outages here

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