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Washington — With a Verdict in the gun trial against Hunter Biden Now that the verdicts have been handed down, the president’s son will next face trial in California, where he faces nine federal tax charges in a second trial brought by special counsel David Weiss.

The president’s son was charged in December and has pleaded not guilty on all counts. Prosecutors allege Hunter Biden participated in a four-year conspiracy to avoid paying at least $1.4 million in income taxes for the tax years 2016 through 2019. Weiss and his team allege Hunter Biden earned more than $7 million between 2016 and fall 2020 and spent millions on an “extravagant lifestyle” while not paying his taxes.

Hunter Biden spent money on “drugs, escorts and girlfriends, luxury hotels and rental properties, exotic cars, clothing and other items of a personal nature, in short, everything except his taxes,” the indictment states.

He is charged with six misdemeanors, namely failure to file his tax return and non-payment of taxes, one felony of tax evasion and two felony counts of filing a false tax return.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers demanded the indictment rejected for numerous reasonsThey claimed, among other things, that the Justice Department’s investigation into the president’s son was politically motivated, that Weiss was wrongfully appointed as special counsel, and that a Diversion agreement between Hunter Biden and the prosecutor remains.

U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi, who is overseeing the case, rejected Hunter Biden’s offers to drop the charges. The trial in this case was originally scheduled to begin on June 20, but Scarsi agreed to postpone it until September 5th.

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