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Summer is fast approaching and that means more and more food trucks are popping up. And that also means that the Dirty Dough food truck has opened for business in Bemidji.

“We started building the trailer in January, so this is our fourth time,” says Brianna Lindgren, co-owner and operator of Dirty Dough. “We’re actually a franchise based in Utah. We make stuffed cookies, big stuffed cookies that are topped.”

The company may be from Utah, but Lindgren is no outsider in Bemidji.

“So we live in Bemidji, just north of the airport, so that’s our home,” Lindgren explained. “So, yes, we’ll be in different places around town and then probably doing trips within about an hour of Bemidji.”

Last year was a huge success for the food truck, but they still wanted to upgrade it during the off-season while it was still possible.

“We had the trailer built, so it’s brand new, so that was part of the waiting period for us,” Lindgren explained. “We think it’s much more efficient because of the way it’s built. Of course, there’s a huge freezer inside, sinks for washing hands and things like that, a warmer and a cooling rack. And then we also have a refrigerator for drinks.”

She also explained how they make their gourmet cookies. “We have two commercial ovens in the trailer. We order the cookies through Sysco. They come, we store them, we bake them, and then each cookie is decorated to order, which also takes a little bit of time.”

Maybe Lindgren is doing something right because customers are willing to wait almost 40 minutes just to get a taste.

“It’s been crazy, we’ve sold out every time we’ve been open,” she added. “It’s just really special. I wouldn’t wait 40 minutes for a cookie, so the fact that so many people are willing to wait is really, really cool. We’re really trying to work on our ticket times and get them shorter. We can only make a certain number of cookies at a time, so it slows the process down a little bit. But I’m so grateful that people have been patient and really supportive. It’s been really, really good.”

While the normal color of a Dirty Dough food truck is bright orange, Lindgren wanted to add a more personal touch and make her food truck teal. If you want to know where the food truck will be next, you can find out on her Facebook page.

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