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NASHVILLE – It’s no secret that the Tennessee Titans’ biggest challenge this season is to find out how well second-year quarterback Will Levis can run new coach Brian Callahan’s offense.

Bleacher Report writer Brad Gagnon presented a compelling analysis, laying out the worst-case scenarios for each team in the 2024 National Football League season. His findings painted a bleak picture that Titan fans and general manager Ran Carthon are keen to avoid.

“A scenario where they win just enough to lose significant draft capital without getting a strong indication that Will Levis is the quarterback of the future,” Gagnon wrote.

Last season, Levis showcased his talent by completing 149 of 255 passes (58.4%) for 1,808 yards, with eight touchdowns and four interceptions, for a passer rating of 84.2. However, he struggled with ankle and foot injuries toward the end of the season. These setbacks significantly affected his performance and caused him to miss two of the team’s final three games.

Callahan believes that by improving his decision-making, Levis is showing that he is ready for a better season.

“You start with what you’re asking him to do on each play,” Callahan said. You know, what does that progression ask of him? What do you want him to do with his footwork? Where do you want his eyes to go? We teach him the system first, and then when you get into situations like today where there was a third down, you have a chance to look back and say, ‘That was the decision on the third and fourth down. Could you have made a different one?'”

‘Could the ball have come out quicker? In this particular case, we don’t need to hold onto it.’ So there’s a lot of coaching for the situations that goes into teaching the system. And so our process now is more about teaching the system and the expectations.”

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