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No wonder Lindsay Hubbard is super angry at Carl Radke! Not only did he end their engagement on camera during the eighth season of Summer housebut he called off the wedding just three months before the wedding in Mexico, which meant she lost SO much money!

During a performance at the Not thin, but not fat either In a podcast, the PR agent shared that she refused to deal with the vendors or hotel cancelling because she felt Carl was to blame for everything since he cancelled the wedding. But she was still hit hard since her wedding was cancelled so late! Lindsay explained:

“I lost $25,000 to $30,000 in wedding deposits before the wedding was canceled. Now he had to pay a lot of cancellation fees, especially because he waited so long to cancel the wedding.”

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WHAT?! Almost $30,000?! Lindsay explained that the exes lost a large portion of their hotel room deposit because Carl only canceled 90 days before the big day, meaning they were still “responsible” for 50 percent of the cost. Phew. When asked if Carl would pay her back the money she lost in the process, she revealed that things were very tense because of it. In fact, they had to take legal action! Lindsay said:

“There are many discussions with lawyers.”


She didn’t give any further details about the legal drama. But what a messy situation! And how is Carl today? Lindsay noted that the last time they spoke was during the filming of the movie. Summer house Reunion. Even when they both recently attended a friend’s wedding in Portugal, she completely avoided him. It’s safe to say that these two exes are not going back to being friends anytime soon! Not after the way he handled everything! Check out the podcast interview (below):

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(Image via Bravo/YouTube)

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