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Sister Act 3 is getting closer and closer to being realized.

Sister Act 3 has just received a promising update. Tanya Trotter, who is Sister Act 2 and is also one half of the country duo The War and Treaty, has revealed that the script for the third sequel is finished. Speaking to ET (via Weekly entertainment) Trotter said she could not reveal whether she was involved in the film, but the script was finished.

“Well, I can’t say (whether I’m involved or not), but I know the script is finished,” Trotter said.

Trotter also said that she is interested in returning for Sister Act 3 and that she would be happy to be involved in anything involving Whoopi Goldberg.

“Anything that Whoopi Goldberg is involved in – because she’s a legend, she’s an icon, she’s my mentor, my hero – yes, I would say yes.”

At the beginning of the year, Goldberg himself gave an update on Sister Act 3and noted that the film was “still on the way,” although she stated at the time that the script was still in the process of being written.

“It’s still on the way! It’s still in the making,” Goldberg said. “They haven’t said, ‘We’re over you and this movie.’ We’re still writing the script.”

Sister Act 3 Officially announced for Disney+

Sister Act 3 was officially announced for Disney+ in 2020, with Goldberg set to return and serve as producer, while Tyler Perry will also produce. The original Sister act debuted in 1992 and Goldberg played a lounge singer who was forced to enter a convent when she was placed in the witness protection program. The film was followed by a sequel in 1993, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, in which Deloris comes to the aid of her nun friends when they need help to save her childhood school.

“For a long time, they always said nobody wanted to see it. And then recently it turned out that maybe that’s not true,” Goldberg previously said of the sequel. “Maybe people do want to see it. So we’re working diligently to figure out how we can get the gang together and come back.”

“I love the idea that we can do this, but you know, the Hollywood system works a little slower than I would like,” Perry said. “So we have a good script. We’re off to a great start. We’re just trying to get everyone pointed in the right direction so we can get going.”

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