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The Washington Commanders believe they have found their quarterback of the future after signing former LSU Tiger Jayden Daniels with the second pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. Daniels will step in and play from day one, and then all the pressure will be on him to live up to the expectations placed on such a high draft pick.

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The Commanders have also revamped their roster this season, bringing in some experienced leaders and playmakers to give Daniels the best chance to succeed. One of the players they brought in is former Chargers RB Austin Ekeler, who spoke with Keyshawn Johnson on his show. All facts No brakes about his new signal caller under center.

Former Los Angeles Chargers Austin Ekeler sees similarities between Washington Commanders Jayden Daniels and Philip Rivers.

June 5, 2024; Ashburn, VA, USA; Washington Commanders quarterback Jayden Daniels (5) gestures as Commanders running back Austin Ekeler (30) looks on during OTA practices at Commanders Park. Mandatory Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

“He calls me over: ‘Hey Austin, come here.’ And I say: ‘Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to hear from my quarterback.'”

Austin Ekeler, Commanders RB

“It really depends on the personality of the guy you bring in (how much help he needs),” Ekeler told Johnson. “And we have a lot of veterans around him. We brought in a veteran center from Dallas, we have me, we have Zach Ertz, we have guys around him that know what they’re doing. We just have a couple of old linemen, actually a couple of receivers as well. So we’re in a situation where we have veterans around this young guy. We’re putting him in a position where he can delve into that position, that leadership role, as much as he wants.”

So far, Daniel’s personality appears to be one that loves playing football, has fun doing it – even in practice – and has shown great command of the offense and the team early in the game. Ekeler gave Johnson an example of that command.

“Literally even yesterday, when I came off the field, I ran a man-beater choice route out of the backfield and we both kind of saw it differently. He calls me over, ‘Hey Austin, come here.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to hear from my quarterback.’ I remember being with (former Los Angeles Chargers quarterback) Philip (Rivers), I remember being with (current Chargers quarterback) Justin (Herbert) after he got a couple years into his stride, and we had that conversation. For him to do that in Week 3 is what I want to see from you as a quarterback. … That’s why you have to be a leader. You can’t be afraid to talk to us.”

Ekeler raved about the leadership qualities Daniels is already showing at this early stage of the season and his career. Being able to lead as a young QB will not only be instrumental in later success, but will also help gain the respect and understanding of guys who have been in the league for some time.

Daniels has lived up to expectations so far, but there is still more progress to be made as the remainder of the offseason transitions into the preseason before facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the road in Week 1.

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