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According to the 2022 American Community Survey, approximately 1.29 million women worked in construction in the United States in 2022, representing 10.97% of the industry. According to an analysis by the National Association of Home Builders, women in the construction industry are more likely to be found in jobs such as office and administrative support, management, business and finance. Only 2.8% of women in construction work in actual skilled trades. Increasing the number of women in construction could help solve the current labor shortage problem. This post focuses on the number and percentage of women working in construction in different states.

As of 2022, Texas (137,000) was the state with the largest number of women working in construction, followed by California (135,000) and Florida (119,000). These three states accounted for 30% of all women employed in the industry. The larger populations and thriving construction industries in these three states provided more opportunities and higher participation rates for women in construction. In contrast, Vermont had the smallest number of all 50 states, about 1,800 women in construction.

Compared to the national average (10.97%), 27 states had a higher concentration of women in construction in 2022. Alaska had the highest percentage of female construction workers, representing 15.8% of the industry’s workforce. States such as South Carolina, Oregon, and Florida also had higher concentrations of women in construction, with 14.1%, 14.0%, and 13.5% of the workforce, respectively.

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