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Students in the Scroll internship at BYU-Idaho recently launched a news program called “Scroll Broadcast.”

Scroll Broadcast, now in its second season this semester, is a project that showcases the dedication and enthusiasm of students in the Scroll Internship at BYU-I.

The show is a platform that offers students valuable practical experience in reporting.

A new episode airs every Monday covering the past week’s news, divided into sections that include church and local news, announcements, devotional recaps, event recaps, sports, I-try, Crossroad Connections, and special features.

Scroll Broadcast is different from other newscasts because it adheres to the university’s policies and standards. The segments are designed to be upbeat, entertaining, and focused on the students and community, covering upcoming and past events, as well as student interactions and activities.

The students take turns presenting in the studio every week. The eight students on the internship are divided into four pairs of presenters. The presenter leads the show from segment to segment, like a presenter.

When students are not working as anchors, they are out there as reporters, filming segments. Students plan content, gather stories, and conduct interviews.

Scroll broadcast logo.

Scroll Broadcast logo. Image credit: Scroll

The show is made possible by the dedicated efforts of faculty advisors, student producers and videographers.

Soapbox Agency, another student media organization on campus, shadows reporters and helps film the reporter segments. Two student producers in particular play a crucial role in organizing the show and shaping its creative vision.

“I’ve learned that it takes a lot of organization,” said Savannah Haddox, one of the show’s lead producers. “Just because you’re off duty doesn’t mean you’re off the job. You have to take care of the job, and that takes a lot of time. But it’s fun to help the reporters put the episode together and watch them grow.”

The show has had many ups and downs and the students are still learning. The show has come a long way since the first episodes. They started releasing segments one at a time to give viewers more choices to watch. Scroll Broadcast will continue to grow with better content and more viewers.

“The best part is the satisfaction of being able to broaden my horizons,” Haddox said.

Haddox said she learned a lot about the technical aspects of putting on such an event. She also honed her skills in video editing, organization, administration, relationship building and filming broadcasts.

Scroll Broadcast can be viewed here on YouTube.

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