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The Alabama Board of Pardons and Parole held 20 hearings on parole cases on Tuesday, June 4, with five paroles granted and 15 denied. Three pardons were postponed until a later date. The board also held 10 hearings on pardon applications, with six pardons granted and four denied.

Parole hearings
Grant: 5
Reject: 15
Next: 3

Pardon hearings
Grant: 6
Reject: 4

The minutes of the hearing on this date are now available here.

The following list contains the names of the inmates who will be considered for parole on Tuesday, June 4, along with the county or counties in which they were convicted and the parole board’s decision. News organizations can search the Alabama Department of Corrections’ inmate database for the AIS number listed below to obtain details of inmates’ criminal records.

Family name, Surname First middle AIS# Hearing date County/counties of conviction Decision on probation
Benjamin Keith 268017 06.04.2024 mobile phone, cell phone Disputed
Mountain Thomas John 271548 06.04.2024 mobile phone, cell phone Disputed
Coachman David Keith 141682 06.04.2024 St. Clair, Jefferson Disputed
Children Frank Edward 123442 06.04.2024 Houston Disputed
Congo Jackie Dale 233935 06.04.2024 Morgan Granted
Cornelison Christian Emmerich 242534 06.04.2024 Madison continuation
Dannelly Steven Hubert 180774 06.04.2024 Montgomery Disputed
Support financially Marcus Jay 248912 06.04.2024 Baldwin Granted
Friend Lori Rae 304558 06.04.2024 Madison, limestone Disputed
Fulpher Trace Lakith Robe 271533 06.04.2024 Lee, Pike continuation
Hayes Joshua Steton 334696 06.04.2024 Winston Disputed
Henry Paul Edgar 297060 06.04.2024 Chambers Disputed
Jones Kenneth Gerald Jr 281659 06.04.2024 lee Disputed
Peavy James Tyler 266118 06.04.2024 Escambia Disputed
apprentice Joseph Paul 331180 06.04.2024 Talladega Disputed
Rampey Jerome Morris 182338 06.04.2024 Lee, Baldwin continuation
Blacksmith Wayne 235943 06.04.2024 mobile phone, cell phone Disputed
Summerford Dustin Keith 329012 06.04.2024 Jackson Granted
Tucker Jonathan Lee 248469 06.04.2024 Cherokee, Dekalb Disputed
Gymnast Davion Quwintel 217608 06.04.2024 mobile phone, cell phone Disputed
Gymnast Gregor Eugen 242250 06.04.2024 Cullman, Winston Granted
Wilkerson Gene Dillard II 280164 06.04.2024 mobile phone, cell phone Disputed
Wilson Jagger Matthew 333539 06.04.2024 Fayette Granted

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