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When it comes to Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Parker Washington, there is one word that rings true: confident.

The Jaguars’ head coach and top offensive assistant have both expressed rave reviews about the second-year receiver’s confidence after a tough break from practice. Now fully healthy after dealing with injuries in his final college season and then as a rookie, Washington has been consistent on the practice field and has made an impression on the two coaches he has to impress the most.

“Parker is playing a lot more confidently. I think he’s a lot healthier than he was this time last year when we got him,” Jaguars offensive coordinator Press Taylor said Tuesday.

“They’re not worried every time they break the huddle, what am I doing, where is my stance, how is this route changing. Now it’s like, he’s heard it a hundred times. So we call a play, we call a route, we move him around. He knows the expectations of that particular player in that particular concept and now you just see the skills emerge. That confidence is a big thing. He’s going to continue to grow. He was thrown into the fire last year, got moved around in some spots, made some plays. I think that certainly adds some confidence as far as the playmaking itself. He keeps going.”

“I think what you see with Parker is the confidence. The confidence he’s built over the last year, understanding what it takes and watching Christian (Kirk),” Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson said Monday.

“Another young player who came back with the right mindset and was excited to get on the field. I think he’s another player who is healthy now and moving really well. That’s nice to see.”

Washington is currently as healthy as he has ever been in his time as a Jaguar, but was drafted in the sixth round of the 2023 NFL Draft due to an ankle injury sustained at the end of his final season at Penn State.

Washington made his NFL debut in Week 4 last year, but suffered a knee injury on his first punt return, leading to a brief stint on the injured list. He returned later in the year, averaging 37 snaps per game and catching two touchdowns.

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