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Paladin Data Corpan employee-owned company, has been providing independent hardware and LBM dealers with a framework for retail success for more than 44 years, helping to run their businesses better.

The real difference to Paladin Outlet is the preeminent US-based support dedicated to making your business successful and helping users focus on the important business metrics to optimize their inventory investments. All of this leads to better business management and improved customer acquisition and retention.

Paladin Point of Sale and Inventory Management is a unique solution that combines the best of both worlds: the reliability and security of an on-premises point of sale system and the convenience of PaladinCloud™-enabled solutions for best-in-class performance.

Paladin simplifies ordering and inventory management by automating time-consuming processes. Remote Stock Check, Suggested Order™, Order Analyst™ and numerous EDI features make ordering as easy as possible. Paladin offers the features you need, such as:

  • ProfitAnalyst™
  • Return Assistant™
  • Order Manager™
  • Paladin Mobile™
  • Tally Calculator™
  • Order account management
  • Construction packages and kits
  • Special Orders and Yard Orders

Solutions tailored to your industry

Paladin helps Clinton Hardware do its best

Clinton Hardware in Clinton, MD, opened as an independent store shortly after the end of World War II. David Billman’s family purchased the store in 1963 and has operated it ever since. Today, the store has a reputation for courteous, excellent customer service and was recently named one of the top 10 hardware stores in the state.

Clinton Hardware offers a wide variety of specialty products, including grills, smokers, indoor and outdoor cookware, and a variety of delicious seasoning blends, sauces and marinades. The company also offers a wide range of services not available at major supermarkets.

Faced with increasing competition from big box stores and a desire to improve his store operations, David was looking for a new digital business platform that would help him reduce his operating costs and simplify his processes. He felt he was paying too much in monthly fees for a system and support that wasn’t fit for purpose. A regional representative from Do it Best recommended he check out Paladin Data Corporation.

Paladin configured the exact software and hardware solution David needed to improve his operations and grow his business. Paladin fully supports all major suppliers via EDI, making ordering, tracking sales and managing inventory a breeze.

“With my old system, you had to be a computer genius to do anything with it. With my current system, Paladin, I can do it myself. I have complete confidence that my store will be well stocked, but not overcrowded. I’m thrilled,” says David.

David now has location codes for most of his stores, which helps him increase sales by eliminating inventory that doesn’t sell. Mapping the store also allows David to better track his key departments and easily reorganize them as new products are added.

Paladin’s special order and account management features have also improved Clinton Hardware’s cash flow by automating processes. What was once a haphazard system for tracking special orders is now simplified, organized, and foolproof.

“We used to do it with a handwritten note. Maybe it gets ordered, maybe it doesn’t,” says David. “Now we use Paladin’s special order system. The system prints a receipt. It automatically creates an (order confirmation) where I just click confirm/buy. I know the special order item was ordered and paid for. The receipt clearly states that the item is subject to a 20% restocking fee.

“Paladin’s special order system is a wonderful tool. We take extreme advantage of it because we make people happy.”

PaladinNsight also allows David to keep track of his business by providing real-time information on how his inventory is developing. By automating business processes, most routine tasks are eliminated, operations become smoother and the error rate is reduced. Ultimately, this allows retailers to focus on their business and have more time for their customers.

“I have more customers and higher sales. I know this is happening because I see it right in front of me (on the dashboard) every morning,” says David.

“Paladin does everything well. It’s an accessible system that the average person can jump into and implement the tools within it. It’s simple. It does everything.

We’re putting a lot of work into this, and Paladin is getting us where we want to go and helping us track the changes in our business. I love what this system does.”

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