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Oracle (ORCL) reported fourth-quarter results that fell short of Wall Street estimates.

Adjusted earnings of $1.63 per share fell short of the $1.65 expected. Adjusted revenue of $14.29 billion missed the $14.57 billion estimate. However, the company announced a new partnership with Google Cloud (GOOG, GOOGL) and that OpenAI has selected its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to “extend” Microsoft’s Azure AI platform (MSFT).

Julie Hyman and Josh Lipton of Yahoo Finance analyze the technology giant’s quarterly results.

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This post was written by Stephanie Mikulich.

Video transcript

Oracle revenue.

They just came out recently, and we’re seeing a failure in those numbers.

So if you look at the stocks, you’ll see that they’re actually going up.

Interestingly, if I had to guess, this probably has something to do with a partnership that the company is also little aware of.

First, let’s talk about this: Oracle and Google Cloud announce a partnership.

Open a I is also involved and will use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to extend the Microsoft platform.

So it looks like there are several branches and several so-called multi-clouds in this context.

So that’s one side.

The company also said its fourth-quarter revenue of $14.29 billion was below analysts’ estimates of $14.57 billion.

Earnings per share also missed estimates by two cents, but the company announces its quarterly cash dividend of 40 cents per share.

And then there is another area of ​​Beat that we should mention.

This is revenue from cloud infrastructure, which at $2 billion is slightly above estimates.

Yes, the fourth quarter of the fiscal year is typically a strong quarter for the season, a strong one for Oracle.

When we started printing, I know there was a lot of chatter.

Some analysts were concerned simply based on what they had seen from other enterprise software makers such as Sales Force and Work Day.

But on this news here, Larry Ellison has released a message: “They said: Our multi-cloud cooper operation with Microsoft was significantly expanded in the fourth quarter when we agreed to work together to support Open AI and Chat GP T,” he continues. “When this becomes available, it will, in his words, accelerate our cloud database growth.”

Apparently, investors are reacting strongly, at least initially.

Before this print offensive, the share had already risen by about 20% since the beginning of the year, and after the stock market closed it was up by about 8%.

Yes, and some analysts that we’ve spoken to have said that this is one of those names that, while it’s not in the big headlines of the hyperscalers, is actually one of the companies that’s going to benefit from some of these various generative AI announcements. And I should mention what I said at the beginning about Oracle’s partnerships with Microsoft and Open AI on the one hand and then Google.

On the other hand, these are separate announcements.

So there was revenue and then there were separate press releases talking about these other partnerships.

One of them is that Oracle, Microsoft and Open AI will partner to extend the Azure AI platform to Oracle Cloud infrastructure, which will give Open AI more capacity, according to this release.

And then Oracle and Google Cloud Infrastructure will also enter into a partnership.

So it seems like all of this supercharges these abilities of the brain, if I put it all in very layman’s terms.

But it also means an upside potential for the share.

Yes, CO.

So for cats.

And in the third and fourth quarters, Oracle signed its largest sales contracts.

Our story was driven by the enormous demand for AI training using large language models in the Oracle cloud, she says.

In the fourth quarter alone, Oracle signed over 30 AI sales agreements totaling over $12.5 billion, including one with Open AI to train Chat GBT in the Oracle Cloud.

Investors seem to be very excited so far after the stock market close.

Yes, they do.

And by the way, the share has not quite reached a record high yet, but is already pretty close to a record high.

It was, it was a record high in March, that record high was 1.29 24. So we’ll see if that, I mean, now it’s trading above that.

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