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On Tuesday, Major League Baseball banned San Diego Padres infielder Tucupita Marcano for life for legally betting on professional baseball games. MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred released a statement, but in our view, he missed an opportunity to include some words from professional baseball’s partners in the $11 billion sports betting industry.

Statement by Mr Manfred:

“Strict enforcement of Major League Baseball’s gambling rules and policies is a critical component of our most important priority: maintaining the integrity of our games for fans.”

Somehow missing: FanDuel worked with Major League Baseball as the league’s authorized gaming operator since 2019.”

“The long-standing ban on athletes betting on Major League Baseball games has been a fundamental principle for over a century.”

Also strangely absent: The BetMGM sports betting offer at Nationals Park is NOW OPEN! Catch all the action and bet on your favorite teams in our 4,000 square foot sports bar.”

“Since the Supreme Court decision opened the door to legalizing sports betting, we have worked with licensed sportsbooks and other third parties to put ourselves in a better position from an integrity perspective.”

Seems relevant: FanDuel brings “The fan viewing and betting experience is closer than ever with MLB.TV’s free Game of the Day streaming on both the FanDuel sports betting app and FanDuel’s FanDuel+ OTT platform.”

“MLB will continue to invest heavily in integrity monitoring, educational programs and awareness initiatives with the goal of ensuring strict adherence to this fundamental rule of our game.”

Curiously not included:I can’t do it to the book? Place your gaming action anywhere, anytime within two blocks of Nationals Park! Download the BetMGM app now!”

Finally, as Mr. Manfred said in 2021, the pace of baseball is perfect for sports betting.

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