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This weekend is expected to bring generally dry weather to our region, with a bit of a cooler day by Sunday. Saturday is expected to bring mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies to our region. Northern Minnesota will have the chance of some light showers and thunderstorms, but no major rain showers like we have seen many times in recent weeks.

Saturday precipitation.JPG

Precipitation on Saturday

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There will also be much less wind this weekend compared to last week’s heavy gusts, with winds generally coming from the northwest and only reaching about 5-15 mph in the region.

Saturday Wind.JPG

Saturday Wind

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Temperatures will be appropriate for the time of year in this region, if not slightly below average. Highs of 15 to 20 degrees are expected in the northern regions of North Dakota and Minnesota, while further south temperatures will be a pleasant 20 degrees.


Saturday Conditions

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On Sunday, the chance of rain in Minnesota is similar. It will only be light, sudden showers and will probably be even less than on Saturday.

Sunday precipitation.JPG

Rainfall on Sunday

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In the afternoon, northwest winds will increase, reaching wind speeds of 15-25 mph in central and southern Minnesota. Further west in the Dakotas, wind speeds will be much weaker at 5-10 mph.

Sunday wind.JPG

Sunday wind

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Temperatures will cool down across most of our region by Sunday. The 15 degrees in the northern parts of our region will penetrate into central Minnesota, reaching afternoon highs. In South Dakota, temperatures will remain above 21 degrees with partly cloudy skies.


Sunday conditions

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