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NextEra Energy (NEE) shares are trading lower after the company’s earnings forecast fell short of expectations. The energy giant provided guidance for its 2027 adjusted earnings per share to range from $3.85 to $4.32.

Julie Hyman and Josh Lipton of Yahoo Finance explain the details.

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This article was written by Angel Smith

Video transcript

Next, Sarah Energy shares fell after the company reported lackluster guidance for 2027. The company had an investor update today and said for 2027, which is obviously still a while away, adjusted earnings per share will be $385 to $432.

The estimate is 433.

So, um, and I think fiscal year 2027 is actually next year.

If I’m not mistaken, shares are up about 19% year-to-date due to the business calendar.

They were part of that big utility rally that we saw, Josh.

Um, and that fixed a small bug.

Yes, I was just reading some recent reports on other news that they recently released on Friday. The headlines were the development agreement to accelerate solar power generation and energy storage projects, presumably with energy.

Um, you know, the stock is up about 20% this year, which is, you know, a nice run over the last 12 months.

It’s actually kind of in the red zone.

Um, but, and, and right.

Well, it was part of the rally we’ve seen in utility stocks related to demand for power for data centers.

Me, Iron Man, who was that?

That is, oh my God, who said Iron Man, oh that was it, it was Cantrow. Michael Kantrowitz from Piper said that yes, it’s about offense and defense because they tend to be defensive but that might make them better next year.

Specifically, it is the owner of Florida Power and Light, one of the largest energy companies in the country, which is obviously based in Florida.

The company also owns Nextera Energy Capital Holdings, the largest producer of wind and solar power in the United States and therefore a major provider of renewable energy.

And for some of these companies that have made promises, some of these big technology companies that have made these zero carbon or net zero promises, that’s an important contribution for these types of companies in the right place.

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