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New York wants to expand truck parking along Interstate 84 and first needs input from truck drivers.

To address the lack of parking for trucks, the New York State Department of Transportation has released a survey of truck drivers who travel on I-84 in the Empire State. Specifically, the study focuses on I-84 near U.S. Route 9, in the towns of Fishkill and East Fishkill, and at the State Route 747 interchange in Newburgh.

Truck drivers can provide input to the I-84 truck parking study in two ways: through a parking survey and an interactive map. Both are available here.

Map of the study area for truck parking

The survey asks truckers about their experiences parking on I-84 between Middletown and Fishkill, on Interstate 87 between Woodbury and New Paltz, and on both interstates in Newburgh. Truckers are also asked for general information about truck parking, including how they find parking and what type of amenities they are looking for, as well as basic questions about their driving experience and operations.

In addition to the survey, the I-84 Truck Parking Study includes an interactive map to help truck drivers identify where parking is needed. Participants can add markers to the map where they think more parking is needed and leave a comment describing why they marked that area.

All survey responses, including mapping activity, must be submitted by June 28.

Lack of truck parking in New York

Truck parking has been a problem throughout New York State for at least a decade.

In Jason’s Law’s first truck parking survey, conducted in 2014, New York was identified as one of many states with a parking problem. There were only eight public parking spaces per 100 miles of the National Highway System, which is among the fewest in the country. When all parking spaces were taken into account, there were few states with fewer parking spaces than New York.

Half of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association members who responded to the survey said New York was a state with a truck parking shortage. Only New Jersey received more votes, at 52%. Drivers representing the American Trucking Associations reported similar numbers.

Five years later, an updated version of the Jason’s Law survey showed that not much had changed. New York was among the five states most frequently citing a lack of truck parking, along with Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. LL

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