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Mysterious trucks with cryptic images have appeared in Washington DC, Boston and New York City and have caught the public’s attention. Created by the elusive artist Mr. Black, these images depict a skeleton with different eye colors crying tears next to a black bird. Each one has the eye-catching message “24 days to go” written on it, alongside a QR code and Mr. Black’s signature.

Another image shows the skeleton in papal clothing, with the text “Prophetia Vera,” which means “True Prophecy” in Latin.

The QR code leads to Mr. Black’s X profile. Little has been posted other than a few cryptic messages and a website with a 40-day countdown to June 24, 2024. At the time of this writing, the countdown is 19 days and 22 hours.

These images raise numerous questions:

First and most importantly:

Who is Mr Black?
What message does Mr Black convey?
What does the countdown mean?
What symbolism lies behind the crying skeleton and the birds?

The public’s reaction was a mixture of intrigue and confusion, with many speculating about the possible meaning and impending event that the countdown suggested. Why did Mr. Black choose these particular cities? Where is the countdown going, and why was it changed from a dove to a raven?

As the countdown continues, passersby are eager to discover the true meaning behind Mr. Black’s messages. One thing is clear: Mr. Black’s work continues to inspire thought and curiosity in several major cities.

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