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Choosing wedding attire takes a lot of planning—whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, or a guest—and a great look can be completely ruined by the wrong shoes. After speaking with Forbes Vetted staffers and fashion stylists, we found the most comfortable wedding shoes, including Sam Edelman’s Daniella Block Heel Sandal and Loeffler Randall Camellia Bow High Heel Sandals. Some of these shoes were worn by our editors at their own weddings, while others were tested in all sorts of guest situations. Whether you’re looking for open-toe sandals, stylish bejeweled flats, or classic pumps that won’t hurt your feet, here are the most comfortable wedding shoes we highly recommend for all your events, parties, and after-parties.

Editors’ recommendations at a glance

Buy the most comfortable wedding shoes

“I wore these sandals to a desert wedding, so there was a lot of sand and shaky terrain, and they held up like a champ!” says Brinda Ayer, editorial director of Forbes Vetted. “I wore them for over 7 hours, including dancing, and they remained very comfortable except for the last 20-30 minutes – I had to sit down a bit. And more importantly, the straps didn’t come undone on their own or really loosen up.” This shoe is available in six colors, including silver and black.

Loeffler Randall Camellia Bow High Heel Sandals

“I love these shoes – I’ve worn them to weddings and have them in two colors,” says Bridget Chapman, senior mattress and sleep editor at Forbes Vetted. The chunky heel and ankle strap allow for comfortable standing, walking and dancing, and the feminine bow is a playful style detail.

“I love Marion Parke shoes because not only do they look very elegant, but they also have integrated insole technology and an integrated arch support,” says fashion stylist Kate Moroney. Not only is this shoe beautiful, its patented technology also increases stability and reduces pressure on the ball of the foot when walking.

“I ordered these nude heels on a whim from Amazon a few years ago and they’ve become one of my favorite wedding guest options,” says Kara Cuzzone, senior deals editor at Forbes Vetted. “These heels have gotten me through multiple weddings (including long receptions) without any pain or discomfort. And for $40, I don’t have to worry about them getting dirty at an outdoor ceremony or scuffed up on the dance floor.”

The block heel and wide vamp strap make this choice extremely comfortable. “It’s a great option for bridesmaids or wedding guests,” says fashion stylist Gina Donnelly. “It’s plain and simple and these shoes will take you from wedding to wedding.” The Daniella is available in medium and wide widths and is offered in five colors in leather and two in suede.

“If you’re wearing Mary Janes or ballet flats for special occasions, I love these to complete a dressy outfit,” says Jane Sung, deputy editor of Forbes Vetted. “They’re so comfortable—like walking barefoot, only better. And the material and rounded square toe give them a sophisticated touch in a quiet, luxurious way.”

“At my own wedding, I wore Soludos Marseille wedges in an unconventional black—but they are some of the most versatile and comfortable shoes I own,” says Ayer. “They definitely last for hours, whether dancing or, in my case, walking to and from City Hall.”

“I wore these fun sneakers for dancing,” says Chapman. “I lasted all day in heels, but by dance time I was definitely ready to take them off.” This shoe even comes in 13 glittery colors, so if you’re looking for other shades or patterns (hearts, maybe?), you’ve got plenty of options.

“I swear by Dolce Vita heels,” says Chapman. “I have them in several styles and can wear them day and night at weddings.” The soft, padded straps of this style cushion feet even after hours on the dance floor.

“I personally own this pair and having been a runner my entire life and having had countless foot injuries, I can attest to the fact that they are incredibly comfortable,” says Moroney. This model also comes in two widths and four colors. “The subtle blue is a perfect reception shoe that you can easily wear for dancing all night long.”

A sturdy heel can instantly make shoes more comfortable, and the slightly exaggerated sole of this model will give you a firm grip when you need to walk on grass or cobblestones. This pair is available in white, light sand and black.

“To the bride—remember, this is your day!” says Donnelly. “Let yourself go and have fun! Get ready to kick off those heels and dance the night away.” Try this faux pearl-embellished pair or something with a little sparkle.

Donnelly loves Badgley Mischka’s shoes as a bridal option. This pair features a soft champagne color, an ankle strap that keeps it secure on the feet, and pearl and crystal embellishments make it stand out. Make sure your guests can see it peeking out from under your dress.

These ballet flats are antimicrobial and breathable, and have a wide toe so your forefoot won’t get squashed. “I just bought these for a wedding I’m going to in July,” says Forbes Vetted contributor Christine Colby. “I can’t wear heels anymore, so I needed some fun ballet flats. I like that they’re made from recycled material and are machine washable.” They also come in 21 colors and patterns.

The problem with many wedding shoes is that you buy them and only wear them once. But these pumps can be worn to your bridal shower, wedding, and countless other occasions, so you get value for money per wear. “These shoes were comfortable, didn’t snag on my dress, and the heel height didn’t bother me,” says Madeline Kaufman, director of partnerships at Forbes Vetted. “I wore my shoes from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. I got married in New York City in the dead of winter. It snowed on my wedding day, and these shoes kept my feet warm for the outdoor photos.”

A nude shoe is a wedding wardrobe essential that goes with almost any dress and can be worn for several seasons. The ankle strap ensures a secure fit and a block heel ensures your feet won’t hurt. This style is available in four colors.

This elegant kitten style is ideal if you’re looking for something down to earth, whether you’re the bride, mother of the bride, or celebrating the happy couple.

These heels from luxury shoe designer Alexandre Birman are a favorite of stylist Emily Lytle Hockaday, personal stylist at Ready To Where. Sleek and sleek, they’ll work with a variety of dresses, from breezy chiffon midi dresses to more structured styles. The Clarita comes in eight different colors (including white and metallic) and is also offered in a taller 90mm height.

“This ballet flat with metallic knotted toe is totally on-trend and perfect for a bride who prefers a little less tall and a sleek silhouette,” says Moroney. “I love that Rothy’s shoes expand to fit your foot and have contoured padding for extra arch support.”

Why trust Forbes Vetted?

At Forbes Vetted, we have covered shoes as well as wedding fashion and accessories in detail.

  • Forbes Vetted writer Molly Calhoun writes frequently about women’s shoes and has covered everything from the best slippers for women to the best shoes for swollen feet. She prioritizes comfort and style whether she’s dressing for formal occasions or everyday wear.
  • Forbes deputy editor Kari Molvar edited this article. She studied fashion design and has written and edited articles about lifestyle and fashion for some of the biggest media outlets in the world.
  • For this article, we surveyed Forbes Vetted staff on their favorite wedding day and wedding guest shoes. In most cases, we included shoes our writers and editors have worn.
  • We spoke to experienced women’s fashion stylists to find out their favorite comfortable shoes for the bride and wedding guests.

This is how we selected the most comfortable wedding shoes

To select the best wedding shoes, we went through a lengthy research and reporting process.

  • We started by researching popular women’s shoe retailers, focusing on bridal shoes and formal styles.
  • We’ve incorporated first-hand recommendations from various Forbes Vetted team members. We’ve also included popular wedding shoe styles from experienced women’s stylists.
  • We looked at specs like heel height, strap width and placement, cushioning, and sole material. Of course, we also considered style.
  • We have included shoes for brides, mothers of the bride and wedding guests in different budgets, for all seasons and in different colors.
  • In addition, we also considered independent reviews for each pair of wedding shoes.

What you should consider when choosing wedding shoes

Open versus closed toe

The decision to go with open or closed shoes can be made depending on the location, time of day and season. In the colder months or at weddings in the city, you’re more likely to see closed bridal shoes. In the warmer months, people tend to go for open shoes. But the choice can also affect comfort depending on the shoe: “Whether you’re a bride or a bridesmaid, I would go for a more open shoe,” says Donnelly. “With all the standing during the ceremony, photos and dancing afterwards, your feet are going to swell. The last thing you want is a stiff, constricting heel that cuts into your foot.”

Heel height and thickness

It sounds obvious, but in general, the higher the heel, the less comfortable the shoe will be for long periods of time. “You also need to consider the thickness of the heel,” says Donnelly. “Most bridal, bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses are long, so a slightly thicker heel will reduce the chance of you slipping or stepping on your dress.” A thicker heel also provides more stability on surfaces like grass. If you choose a four-inch heel or a stiletto heel, it may be a good idea to have a more comfortable backup pair or even sneakers that you can change into as the evening progresses.

Placement and thickness of the belt

The advantage of a strap on the ankle is that it keeps the shoes securely on the foot. However, if you want to visually lengthen your legs, nude colors are more suitable. When wearing strappy sandals, thicker straps are usually more comfortable than thin ones, especially across the instep.

Your backup plan

Even the most comfortable shoes can cause foot irritation after many hours on your feet, so it’s always a good idea to have a few tools in your bag: consider adding a Band-Aid or two, moleskin, and gel ball pads if you start to experience discomfort.

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