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It has not been a great week for you as a business, a customer, an innocent bystander or, in this case, a visitor to a window at the corner of Madison and Lark on Downtown Avenue.

The busy area near Washington Park, home to many popular restaurants, bars, shops and a Ben & Jerry’s, saw the second outbreak of violence in less than a week, also captured on video.

Violence in Albany New York near Lark Street and Madison Ave, Upstate New York News, 518news, 518news, Albany New York Crime is Up

The area near Madison Avenue and Lark Street in Albany, where two violent outbreaks rocked the Washington Park neighborhood in less than a week. Photo: Google Maps

According to a report and video from NewsChannel 13, police arrested a man (seen in the video below) on Sunday for throwing a trash can lid at the window of the Lark Tavern in Albany.

According to the report, Albany police arrested 33-year-old Aaron Wooley on Wednesday morning for allegedly breaking the window around 8:40 p.m. Sunday evening.

Wooley, who is homeless, was charged with second-degree criminal damage and taken to the Albany County Jail.

Homeless man throws garbage lid at window of Lark Tavern

It was the second incident in less than a week and both were caught on video in the same area of ​​Albany.

Police reportedly responded to the Shogun Cafe on Madison Avenue at around 6:35 p.m. on May 29 following reports of a robbery.

According to reports, Healey had racked up a bill while dining at the popular Albany sushi restaurant and attempted to leave the restaurant without paying. During the process, Healey allegedly “punched a 49-year-old restaurant employee multiple times in the face, knocking the man unconscious” when he attempted to intervene.

The victim was treated by first responders before being taken to Albany Medical Center with serious injuries. The man who was hit is currently in a coma, according to NewsChannel 13.

Man’s violent outburst puts victim in a coma

We found this video on Instagram where Healey can be seen hitting a man and then trying to attack him again. This was after He is said to have attacked another man so brutally that the man fell into a coma.

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