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Some things just belong together.

Beer, peanuts and dives.

You and your partner (fingers crossed).

If your love story involves a dive bar — as many great love stories in Wisconsin do — and you’re planning on tying the knot soon, we’ve got quite the competition for you.

Miller High Life and Planters have teamed up to give away a dive bar wedding this summer, valued at around $30,000, according to the beer brand. Until June 25 at 11:59 p.m. CT, anyone 21 and older can submit their “dive bar love story” here for a chance to win.

“Miller High Life and Planters nuts met in a dive bar and the rest is history,” the contest’s website said. “So this wedding season, we’re celebrating more Matches Made in the High Life with the Perfect MATCHrimony, the ultimate dive bar wedding with all the crazy details included.”

According to Miller High Life, these crazy details include: A wedding at the couple’s chosen dive bar. A ride to said dive bar with a “Mr. Peanut” character. An escort down a peanut shell-covered aisle. A tower of champagne and beers and toasts, and a buffet of “dive bar classics” for late-night snacking. A peanut-flavored wedding cake, complete with a “girl in the moon” and a “Mr. Peanut” cake topper.

The winning couple will also receive customized wedding accessories from a limited edition of Miller High Life and Planters co-branded with Tie Bar. Fifty couples who entered the competition but were not selected as wedding guests will still win some limited edition co-branded items from Tie Bar, including a tie, pocket square and bow tie, depending on the beer brand.

Anyone who wants to enter the competition must first enter their date of birth to access the promo site and fill out a simple registration form. This will then take them to a page where they can submit a photo of themselves and their partner, a short description of the picture and their “bar love story,” according to the official rules.

For more information and to enter the contest, visit The full list of official rules and details can be found here.

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