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If you’re hoping for a cool, pleasant weekend, you’ll get your wish. If you’re hoping for hot summer weather, you’ll have to wait four more days after this weekend.

This weekend’s weather will be dominated by an unusual closed storm system centered northeast of Michigan. The rotation of winds around the storm means Michigan’s winds will be north and northwest throughout the weekend.

With a north wind in early June, Michigan doesn’t really feel like summer. The air blows over the still cool waters of the Great Lakes.

The rotation around the storm will also bring some periods of rain showers in Michigan. Many of us will have only occasional gloomy clouds between showers this weekend.

Here’s a radar forecast showing the rain showers that will sweep across Michigan at times this weekend.

Radar forecast from Friday 20:00 to Sunday 14:00.

Afternoon and early evening are the preferred times for rain showers almost everywhere in Michigan. Don’t expect all-day showers, but expect to have to stay indoors for an hour or two to stay dry.

Here are two forecasts for six-hour periods on weekend afternoons.

Six hours of rain is forecast for Saturday afternoon and early evening.
Six hours of rain is forecast for Sunday afternoon and early evening.

Hey, I have to tell it like it is.

Temperatures are cool in early June. Here are the expected afternoon highs and a look at early morning temperatures.

Temperatures will rise above 24 degrees in the southern border counties. Otherwise, for the rest of us, temperatures will be between 15 and almost 21 degrees on Saturday.

High temperatures are forecast for Saturday afternoon.

Sunday will be even cooler in northern Lower Michigan and the Upper Peninsula.

Maximum temperatures are forecast for Sunday, June 9th.

Due to the cloud cover and high humidity, it won’t be too cold overnight. We start both mornings with temperatures around 10 degrees.

Low temperatures are forecast for Saturday, almost the same as Sunday.

If you love heat, don’t be discouraged that this is the summer pattern. Check out the upper-altitude airflow forecast for next weekend. Upper-altitude air in this configuration would flirt with 90 degrees across much of Michigan.

The forecast elevation pattern for June 15, 2024 suggests the development of a hot area over the Great Lakes and Midwest.

Next weekend will look very different in the world of weather than this weekend.

On a summer weekend in Michigan, we can always have fun no matter the weather.

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