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We know Matt Bomer today as one of the most successful openly gay actors in Hollywood, but he hasn’t always had it easy.

Bomer, 46 years old, was recently interviewed on Awards Chatter Podcast by Scott Feinberg. In the episode, Bomer recalled his exhausting audition for Superman: Flyby — a live-action film about the DC superhero directed by JJ Abrams, which was never shot — while Bomer was still working on the CBS soap opera Example.

“I was part of a mass appeal for Superman(which) turned into a month-long audition experience where I auditioned over and over again,” Bomer explained. “On Examplethere was a murderer in town, (…) so the executive producer was kind enough to release me in case the (Superman) order was placed. So (the Example Producer) said, “Hey, you’re going to be the killer. We’re writing you off the show; go with my blessing.” So I was basically fired, but in a generous way.”

This decision gave Bomer time to concentrate fully on Superman: Flybythings went downhill quickly for the actor. “It looked like I was the director’s choice for the role,” said Bomer. “I signed a three-film contract with Warner Brothers.”

When asked whether Bomer’s coming out story would affect his chances of being involved in a Superman Playing the titular superhero in the film, the actor responded, “Yes, that’s my understanding. That was a time in the industry when something like that could really be used as a weapon against you. How, and why, and who (outed me), I don’t know.”

Abrams’ Superman: Flyby was, as mentioned, never filmed or released. Nevertheless, Bomer was apparently the favorite to play the title character in the film, but was dropped as an option after he came out as gay – long before the project as a whole fell through.

After the abolition of Flying throughSuperman’s resurrection on the big screen ended in 2006 with Superman returns Directed by Bryan Singer, the film stars Brandon Routh as the Kryptonian hero.

Bomer would have been a perfect choice for the role of Superman and it’s a shame that his audition efforts were completely in vain because he was outed as gay.

Fellow travelers is now streaming on Paramount+ with Showtime.

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