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A “malicious” wedding guest was criticized for showing up at a friend’s wedding in a white maxi dress.

Earlier this week, a Reddit user posted a photo of a bride, presumably from the USA, and the anonymous guest.

While the bride chose a white dress with a plunging neckline and floral appliqués, the guest chose a strapless floor-length silk dress and white shoes.

The user encouraged others to comment on the guest’s outfit, writing on the “Wedding Shaming” forum: “The bride is on the left and her friend is on the right and not in the bridal party.”

“The dress she is wearing was entirely her choice.”

Pictured: The image posted on Reddit shows a bride (left) posing for a photo with a guest whose attire sparked a debate on the forum

Since the post was shared two days ago, it has garnered over 1,600 upvotes and 144 comments from shared opinions by users.

While some called the guest “selfish” and “malicious,” others initially confused her with the bride.

One replied: “I thought it was two brides looking at the photo.”

“If my best friend had done that at my wedding, I would be really upset.”

Another echoed this sentiment, adding, “I thought they were a couple and thought it was cute until I realized which (Reddit forum) I was on.”

A third person sided with the bride and said: “That’s exactly what they mean when they say you shouldn’t wear ‘white’ to a wedding. They’re both wedding dresses.”

A fourth criticised the guest’s outfit and replied: “To wear white to someone else’s wedding you have to be either stupid or evil.”

“Damn, she didn’t even try to dress up her outfit with non-bridal accessories – like a colorful shawl, bag, shoes, jewelry,” added a fifth.

In defense of the guest, another user asked if the strapless dress was actually a very pale pink.

They said, “I wonder if it didn’t look that bad in reality?”

Another added: “If I zoom way out, I can see a slight pink undertone on the dress on the right. It’s subtle, but it’s there.”

“The body language is warm and friendly,” said a third. “It only matters if it is important to the bride.”

Meanwhile, a fourth speculated: “It also looks like an ocean in the background, so maybe it’s a resort?”

“I think I’ve seen a lot of beach/resort weddings where guests wore white.”

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