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Laurie Lewis – Trees (Spruce and Maple Music, 2024)

Laurie Lewis is a distinctive, expressive and captivating singer, songwriter and instrumentalist who fearlessly ventures beyond established boundaries in genres known for tradition and authenticity. Lewis has carved out a unique niche for herself in American roots music, exploring bluegrass, old-time, Celtic and folk music.

Lewis’ 24th album, Treesoffers a profound and layered exploration of life, loss, nature and grief. Despite its deep introspection, the album contains upbeat, danceable music that is imbued with a sense of community and avoids any sense of burden from its themes. Featuring seven original songs and several covers, the album naturally blends genres as bluegrass and old-time flow effortlessly from Lewis. Trees was self-produced and released on Lewis’ label Spruce and Maple Music.

The album reflects the emotional challenges in Lewis’ life during its creation. On the positive side, it captures the joy of mountain hikes she enjoyed during the COVID-19 pandemic when making music together was not possible. But it also addresses her six-month struggle with the loss of her singing voice and the creation of this album without her musical and life partner Tom Rozum. Since meeting in 1986, Rozum and Lewis had collaborated on every album since 1989’s Love Chooses You.

Lewis explains: “Tom has developed Parkinson’s and can no longer play his instruments. This collection marks a difficult transition in my musical life. Think of it as “music minus one” for all mandolin players. Of course, Tom continues to be present in the music in many ways beyond his harmony singing and beautiful cover art..”

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Author: Ryan Emmert


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