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On June 7, 2024, Kenneth Deane, Chief Accounting Officer and Treasurer of TeraWulf Inc (NASDAQ:WULF), sold 69,996 shares of the company. Following this transaction, the insider now owns 337,245 shares of TeraWulf Inc. The sale was documented in a recent SEC filing.

TeraWulf Inc. operates in the cryptocurrency mining industry and focuses on generating environmentally sustainable bitcoins. The company aims to combine clean energy sources with efficient mining operations to achieve a net carbon neutral impact.

According to market capitalization data, TeraWulf Inc is valued at $1.03 billion. On the day of the transaction, the stock price was $3.25.

Over the past year, insider transaction history at TeraWulf Inc shows a pattern of 1 insider purchase and 1 insider sale. Insider Kenneth Deane sold 69,996 shares and bought none during the same period.

To gain further insights into the company’s valuation metrics such as GF Value, Price to Earnings Ratio, Price to Sales Ratio, Price to Book Ratio and Price to Free Cash Flow, investors can visit the respective links.

Insider sale: Kenneth Deane sells 69,996 shares of TeraWulf Inc (WULF)Insider sale: Kenneth Deane sells 69,996 shares of TeraWulf Inc (WULF)

Insider sale: Kenneth Deane sells 69,996 shares of TeraWulf Inc (WULF)

This insider trends image provides a visual representation of insider buying and selling activity at TeraWulf Inc., providing investors with additional context on the insider’s most recent transaction.

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