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DEDHAM – The top-class Karen Read murder Attempt The trial continued on Wednesday with a full day of testimony, including from Massachusetts State Police Sergeant Yuriy Bukhenik, who supervised the lead investigator in the case.

Read is accused of hitting her boyfriend, Boston police officer John O’Keefe, with her SUV in 2022 and leaving him to die in the snow outside a Canton home. Her defense attorneys argue that O’Keefe was actually killed during a fight inside the house and dragged outside.

Testimony ended Wednesday with Bukhenik still on the stand. He has not yet been cross-examined.

Video of Karen Read drinking

Bukhenik was the superior of Private Michael Proctorwho was the lead investigator in this case.

Prosecutor Adam Lally showed a video from the evening of January 28, 2022, from CF McCarthy’s in Canton. There, Read and O’Keefe had a drink before later going to the Waterfall Bar and Grille.

Each video shows Read receiving a combination of cocktail glasses and shot glasses.

You can see her pouring liquid from the smaller glass into the larger one several times.

Bukhenik testified that Read could be seen drinking six drinks at CF McCarthy’s.

The prosecutors have tried to prove through previous witnesses that Read was drunk the night O’Keefe died. When her blood was drawn hours after O’Keefe was found, Read had a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.093%. The legal limit for driving in Massachusetts is 0.08%.

Another expert said a “retrograde” test showed that Read’s blood alcohol content had previously been at least 0.135% and at most 0.292%.

Karen Read’s SUV

The jury was shown videos showing Read’s SUV at various times on the day O’Keefe was found dead and the day before.

Video from the previous day shows the right taillight apparently intact. According to prosecutors, Read’s SUV was seen with the damaged taillight around 5 a.m., about an hour before O’Keefe’s body was found.

Bukhenik said Read’s taillight was also visibly damaged on video several hours later when it was placed on a tow truck, as well as when it was in a Canton Police sally port.

A photo of Karen Read’s Lexus SUV is displayed during her trial at Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

Greg Derr/The Patriot Ledger via AP, Pool

“Did you personally or did you observe Trooper Proctor touching or tampering in any way with the area on the right rear passenger side of the vehicle?” asked District Attorney Adam Lally.

“No, we didn’t,” said Bukhenik.

The police interrogation of Karen Read

Bukhenik testified about the interview he and Proctor conducted with Read after O’Keefe’s death. The interview took place at her parents’ home in Dighton.

Bukhenik said he asked Read how her SUV’s taillight was damaged. According to the police sergeant, Read said, “I don’t know. It happened last night.”

Read told police she went to 34 Fairview Road in Canton, the home of now-retired Boston police officer Brian Albert. Bukhenik testified that Read told him she dropped O’Keefe off but never saw him enter the house. She said she had stomach problems so she didn’t go in the house. Read said she turned around three times and drove away.

Sergeant Yuriy Bukhenik in the witness stand

On the morning of January 29, 2022, Bukhenik said he drove with Proctor to the crime scene at 34 Fairview Road in Canton so it would be safe in the snow and Proctor could make phone calls along the way.

Bukhenik said he first spoke to Jennifer McCabe, then her husband Matt McCabe and then Brian Albert, who has since sold the house.

According to Bukhenik, each interview was conducted separately.

Bukhenik testified about O’Keefe’s injuries. He held up to the court several items of clothing that O’Keefe was wearing when he died.

Sergeant Yuriy Bukhenik of the Massachusetts State Police holds up a shirt that John O’Keefe was wearing the night of his death.

CBS Boston

Will Trooper Michael Proctor testify?

One question in the trial is when – and how – Proctor will testify.

Proctor was the lead investigator assigned to the case by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office. Proctor is currently under internal investigation for his handling of the case. He has denied any wrongdoing and will remain on full-time duty during the investigation.

Read’s lawyers accuse Proctor of falsifying evidence at the crime scene and helping to cover up friends who were testifying in the case.

Rear light parts back in focus

As on Monday, parts of a broken taillight were the focus of witness statements at the beginning of Wednesday.

Ashley Vallier of the Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab was the first to take the stand and described photographs she took of evidence found in the area where O’Keefe’s body was found.

Vallier went through the evidence and described which pieces found at the crime scene fit together.

“These parts of these particular objects eventually formed a larger unit,” Vallier said of the larger pieces that were analyzed.

Defense attorney David Yannetti pointed out that the taillight parts tested in the lab were not embedded in O’Keefe’s clothing. Among the evidence the Massachusetts State Police presented to the crime lab was O’Keefe’s orange T-shirt and a gray long-sleeved shirt.

The evidence was handed over to the crime lab by Proctor on March 14, 2022.

Yannetti asked about the gap between January 29, 2022, when O’Keefe died, and March 14, when the evidence was presented.

“You don’t know what Michael Proctor did or didn’t do with the orange T-shirt and the gray long-sleeved T-shirt?” Yannetti asked. Vallier said she didn’t know.

During cross-examination, Yannetti demonstrated that the taillight parts that Proctor gave to the lab were larger than those found by other police officers.

According to prosecutors, the plastic parts came from Karen Read’s SUV.

CBS Boston

Who is Karen Read?

Read is a 45-year-old Massachusetts woman accused of beating and killing O’Keefe with her SUV during a snowstorm on 29 January 2022Read and O’Keefe were together at the time, but witnesses said their relationship deteriorated after her testimony.

Read is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter while under the influence of alcohol and leaving the scene of a crime causing bodily injury and death. She has pleaded not guilty in the case and her lawyers argue that she is the victim of a cover-up by several people, including law enforcement.

Karen Read listens to Ashley Vallier testify at the State Police Crime Lab during her murder trial in Norfolk Superior Court in Dedham, Massachusetts, on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.

Greg Derr/The Patriot Ledger via AP, Pool

What is the schedule for Karen Read’s murder trial this week?

Following testimony on Wednesday, a half-day hearing is scheduled for Thursday. There will be no court session on Friday.

Judge Beverly Cannone said last week that jurors could shorten their lunch break from an hour to 45 minutes, allowing the court to continue working for an extra half hour until 4:30 p.m. on days when testimony is held all day to speed up the process.

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