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A fire burns near Interlaken, near Twin Lakes. Image from AlertWest.Live.

Pre-evacuation for Lost Canyon, County Road 30 to Balltown

A forest fire is raging near the historic resort town of Interlaken and the town of Twin Lakes. All people in the Interlaken area have been asked to evacuate.

“Please evacuate the area around Interlaken and County Road 25 as a fire is raging there. We will provide more information as we have it,” the Lake County Sheriff’s Office said. “For emergencies call 911, for non-emergencies call 719-486-1249.”

The evacuation point is the 6th Street Gym in the 100 block of East 6th Street.

The fire has destroyed around 165 hectares of land near the lakes. It is burning near the historic town of Interlaken on the south side of the lakes.

Temporary evacuation orders are in effect for residents of Lost Canyon Road or County Road 30 in Lake County as far north as Balltown. Residents in the area should prepare to leave.

The fire was first reported around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11. Emergency crews are asking people to avoid the area and not to make calls to the dispatch center so they can begin their work.

According to their social media account, Leadville Lake County Fire Rescue (LLCFR) is on scene.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office will continue to provide information on its Facebook page.

This is a developing news story. Expect updates.

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