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A Republican race for a seat in the House of Representatives in eastern Idaho resulted in a very close result: two votes.

State officials on Wednesday certified the results of last month’s primary election, setting the outcome of the race for 30th District House Seat B between Republican Rep. Julianne Young of Blackfoot, who received 3,761 votes, and her challenger Ben Fuhriman, who received 3,763 votes.

Fuhriman’s victory confirmed him as the Republican nominee for the Nov. 5 general election, where he will face Democrat Breane Buckingham in the district that includes Butte and Bingham counties.

But Young, who has served three terms in office, plans to request a recount, she said in a Facebook post in May. Election officials would be instructed to recount the more than 7,500 votes cast in the contest, ballot by ballot. Because of the narrow margin, Young is entitled to a free recount. The request would be made through the Idaho Attorney General’s office.

The May primaries ended with a strong night for the far-right Republicans, who are likely to win five seats in the House of Representatives after the November elections.

The result in the 30th District is seen as an exception to this trend: Fuhriman’s platform was more moderate than Young’s. Young sponsored a bill this year that would have restricted access to healthcare for transgender and nonbinary people. That bill became law.

The close result had already shrunk after an error in Butte County on election night shifted a 10-vote lead to a 2-vote result, the Secretary of State’s office said earlier in a news release. Wednesday’s count is the official vote total.

The Secretary of State’s office has not yet received a request for a recount from Young, spokeswoman Chelsea Carattini told the Idaho Statesman via email on Wednesday.

Young and Fuhriman were not immediately available for comment. In her Facebook post, Young wrote: “Assuming the results hold, I wish my opponent the best in his public service.”

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