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The story of Thorfinn was an inspiration for the creation of the saga “Under The Oak Tree”.

Under the oak is a web novel that takes fans back to an age of swords and sorcery. The series began as a web novel and enjoyed great popularity not only thanks to the character work but also some of its wild action scenes. In a new interview with the series’ creator, the web novel confirms that it is written by none other than Vinland Saga.

Under the oak was created by author Kim Suji and illustrated by an artist simply named “P.” In a recent interview, P shared that the web novels’ action scenes are brought to life by the action from the Vinland Saga, and explained that Thorfinn and his fellow Vikings fight a lot of battles. This is understandable, as while both franchises are fantastical, they both have a certain level of realism, even when the fighters perform actions that are far from realistic.

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What is under the oak tree?

If you are hearing about Under the oakthe web novel was compiled into a book series. This is how the franchise describes its story: “Lady Maximilian is the daughter of the powerful Duke Croyso, but she is rarely allowed to leave her family’s sprawling castle for fear that her stutter will tarnish her noble name. When she is forced to marry Sir Riftan, a knight of low birth who is caught up in one of her father’s intrigues, Maxi dares not hope for happiness, let alone love. Their clumsy communication and his gruff manner spoil their relationship before it can begin, and Riftan leaves without a word the morning after they exchange vows.”

The description continues: “Now, three years after their disastrous wedding night, Riftan has returned as a war hero. To Maxi’s surprise, Riftan still wants Maxi as his wife, despite rumors that he has been offered Princess Agnes, a beautiful and famous sorceress. And when he comes to get her, his longing becomes a desire that confounds Maxi, even as she is overwhelmed by the searing heat Riftan’s presence ignites within her. As she learns to navigate the intricacies of her new life, Maxi will find herself and her courage, and discover that she is anything but powerless.”

For each series, its future in the anime medium remains a mystery. There is no confirmation yet that Under the oak will receive an anime adaptation and during Vinland Saga continues to be successful, a third season has yet to be confirmed.

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