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WARNING! This article contains spoilers for Hit Man (2024)!


  • Watch Hit Man on Netflix, a comedic take on fake hitman Gary who falls in love with a potential suitor and causes chaos.
  • Hit Man has a score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, beating Top Gun: Maverick as Powell’s highest-reviewed film.
  • The Netflix films Hit Man and The Killer take up typical killer film cliches; Linklater’s film is comedic, while Fincher takes a more serious and darker approach.

Glen Powell’s critically acclaimed comedy HitMan serves as a perfect reminder to watch Netflix’s actual assassin movie from 2023. Inspired by the true story of undercover killer Gary Johnson, HitMan Stars Top Shooter: MarverickGlen Powell as college professor turned fake assassin, Gary And AndorAdria Arjona plays Madison, a potential “client” who falls in love with one of Gary’s fake hitmen. As Gary gradually transforms his personality into “Ron,” chaos ensues when Madison’s husband is actually found dead, further complicating Gary’s complicated double life with Madison and the New Orleans Police Department.

HitMandirected and co-written by Richard Linklater, received incredible reviews from critics and audiences. The 2024 Netflix film currently boasts an impressive 97% “Certified Fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which Top Shooter: Maverick as Powell’s highest rated film on the review aggregator site. While HitMan comically subverts expectations of typical assassination films under the credo that “Killers are not real”, The film comes at a great time following the success of another 2023 Netflix film that follows a real-life hitman. Not only do both of these hitman-related Netflix films come from two of the most famous modern directors, but they also received incredible reviews for their satires.

The premise of Hit Man is a great reminder to watch Netflix’s The Killer Movie

The 2023 Netflix film “The Killer” is about a real assassin

The success of HitMan on Netflix should hopefully encourage more subscribers to watch the streaming platform’s 2023 assassin film The killer. From director David Fincher, The killer follows a nameless real-life assassin, played by Michael Fassbender, whose life is in danger after a major international hit goes awry. While HitManThe location remains in New Orleans, an exciting feature of The killer is that Fassbender’s character is an assassin on the run around the world. In addition, one of the places Fassbender’s character stops is New Orleans, which is another connection between Netflix’s HitMan And The killer Movies.


Critics’ rating at Rotten Tomatoes

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The killer (2023)



HitMan (2024)



Both Richard Linklater and David Fincher have demonstrated their mastery of various genres since their cinematic breakthrough in the 1990s. exciting that the two directors released popular killer films on Netflix within a yearBut while Richard Linklater’s HitMan comes without real assassins and has a much more comedic tone, David Fincher’s The killer follows a real-life hitman with a darker, more serious approach. Nevertheless, the two filmmakers were undeniably successful in their efforts to HitMan with 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and The killer It has a rating of 85% and ranks high in the critically acclaimed filmographies of both directors.


True story about the contract killer: How much really happened?

“Hit Man” by Richard Linklater is based on the life of a real undercover agent and raises the question of what is real and what is fictional.

Hit Man and The Killer analyze clichés and archetypes from assassin films in an interesting way

Netflix’s biggest assassin movies of the moment turn genre clichés on their head

The poster for Hit Man (2023) shows Gary's alias alongside Glen Powell as Gary Johnson
Custom image by Lewis Glazebrook

Apart from simply having a fake or real assassin as the protagonist, HitMan And The killer Films share similarities in the way they tackle the action subgenre. Both films are unique in the way they analyze the essence of a typical killer film, what is expected of an assassin character in pop culture, and how these stories usually end for the assassins. Consequently, The killer And HitMan constantly turn these assassin movie clichés on their head, with Richard Linklater’s film deals with the issues from a more overt psychological perspective and David Fincher’s film looks at it with more subtlety in character dynamics.

Both films are unique in the way they dissect the essence of a typical hitman film, what is expected of a hitman character in pop culture, and how such stories typically end for the hitmen.

In addition to HitMan The 2024 Netflix film points to several hitman and assassin films as examples of how the “career killer” archetype is a myth, and subverts the expectations of those who hire a hitman and their reasons for doing so. Gary has many potential clients in HitManwhich simultaneously highlight the ridiculousness and sincerity of the reasons why different people would hire a hitman. And this is where the film’s conflict with Madison begins. Gary’s theories on personality psychology also prove accurate, as he increasingly resembles his killer alias, Ron.with HitManThe ending of turns him into some kind of “real” assassin, which he didn’t believe in.

The killerThe ending of approaches these tropes in a similar way through the interactions between the killer and Claybourne, with the latter knowing the assassin only from movies and TV shows, while the former shockingly spares him his life. The film also analyzes the motives of a contract killer to turn to a life as a contract killer.because Fassbender’s character initially has no motivation until the typical John WickThe attack on Magdala kicks off a revenge plot in the style of The Assassin’s Creed: The 4000. From the characters’ names being simply based on the typical roles of an assassin (the director, the expert, etc.) to the killer missing his target and the story ending peacefully on the beach, Fincher’s film is a great satire on assassin movies.


The 11 best films about assassins and contract killers (like The Killer)

David Fincher’s “The Killer” is just the latest in a long line of great films about hitmen and assassins, from “Kill List” to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

Hit Man & The Killer are extremely entertaining films from two of Hollywood’s greatest directors

Linklater and Fincher both made great assassin films that thrilled audiences

Despite the similarities that HitMan And The killer share with their premises and satires, the Netflix films are also simply one of the most entertaining films of recent years from two great Hollywood directors. The killer is the most entertaining and at the same time most twisted film that David Fincher has made since Ex girlfriend in 2014 with HitMan Reviving a unique, audience-friendly, relaxed format for Richard Linklater’s films. Linklater’s 2016 film Everyone wants something!!! was another fun movie to hang out with, but unlike HitManIt remained largely under the radar upon release compared to his hit comedies such as SSchool of Rock And Dazed and confused.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

HitMan 2023


From director Richard Linklater comes Hit Man, a 2023 action comedy based on a Texas monthly Article with the same title. A Houston cop goes undercover to try to catch a group of criminals. He poses as a hitman until he falls in love with a woman who gives him a job. As he delves deeper into the world of crime, the Houston cop finds it increasingly difficult to escape his new role as an undercover cop.

Release date
5 September 2023

Glen Powell, Adria Arjona, Austin Amelio, Retta, Molly Bernard

113 minutes

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