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Netflix’s film schedule for 2024 is full of killer titles, and one of its top offerings finally arrived last week. At that time, the streamer marked the debut of HitMan – the latest collaboration between director Richard Linklater and Glen Powell. The romantic action comedy has not only received critical acclaim, but has also become a trending title on the platform. Now, one has to wonder if the service could attract even more viewers anytime soon, as a flick that for a while had a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes is set to land there in the near future.

Which movie should appear on Netflix?

In recent years, numerous high-quality animation productions have appeared on streaming services – some of them are originals, others are acquired content. Ultraman: On the rise – a film based on the Ultraman Franchise – is a collaboration between Netflix Animation and Tsuburaya Productions. Although the film has not yet been released on the streamer, members of the press have already seen it, and the 100% rating mentioned above on Rotten tomatoes suggests that a lot of people like it. Yes, at the time of writing, the film has dropped to 89% based on nine reviews. However, the fact that it had a perfect start is still impressive.

Ultraman and his baby Kaiju glide over the water in Ultraman: Rising

(Image credit: Netflix)

The film centers on teenage basketball player Ken Sato, who – unbeknownst to many – also stars as the titular superhero. Like so many young do-gooders before him, Sato must balance his personal responsibilities with his duties as a hero. On top of that, he finds himself in the precarious position of caring for a baby Kaiju – whose mother was defeated by the teenager.

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