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Motion to change venue for King Soopers murder trial

Attorneys for the man accused of killing 10 people at a Boulder King Soopers three years ago are requesting a change of venue for the defendant’s trial.

At a hearing at the Boulder County Justice Center on Tuesday, defense attorneys said their client could not get a fair trial in Boulder County because the case had “massive, pervasive and adverse publicity,” according to the Denver Gazette.

The defendant pleaded not guilty on the grounds of insanity, meaning that at the time of the killings he did not understand the difference between good and evil. According to published reports, he used a firearm with a high-capacity magazine and killed most of his victims within just over a minute.

Victims included King Soopers employees and customers, as well as Boulder police officer Eric Talley. There were no non-fatal shooting victims. The defendant is accused of ten counts of premeditated murder as well as numerous counts of attempted murder and weapons offenses.

The jury selection is currently scheduled to begin on August 26.

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GOP calls for burning of Pride flag

The Colorado Republican Party has called for all Pride flags in the state to be burned.

A mass email from the state Republican Party earlier this week said, “God hates Pride” and as Juneteenth approaches, “ungodly perpetrators in our society seek to attack what is decent, holy and righteous, ultimately harming our children.”

The message was signed by Dave Williams, chairman of the state Republican Party, said 9News. However, Politics in Colorado reports that some Republicans are reacting with outrage to calls to burn Pride flags. Valdamar Archuleta, president of LGBTQ advocacy group Colorado Log Cabin Republicans, said he will not accept the party’s formal endorsement as the Republican candidate in the state’s 1st Congressional District. He said that as an openly gay man, he finds the state party’s anti-LGBTQ message “repulsive and offensive.”

But he also said he would continue to support Republican candidates “from the top of the ticket down.”

Meanwhile, the chairman of Colorado’s Democratic Party condemned Republicans’ idea of ​​burning Pride flags, saying it clearly shows the differences between the two parties.

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Hate groups in Colorado

An annual report released Tuesday by the Southern Poverty Law Center lists 13 hate groups and 17 anti-government groups in Colorado. These include neo-Nazis, white nationalists, sovereign citizen organizations, anti-LGBTQ groups and general conspiracy propagandists, according to The Denver PostThese groups have been identified over the past year.

Also on the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) list is Moms for Liberty, which operates in Boulder, Garfield, Mesa and Weld counties.

Moms for Liberty denies being designated a hate group. The founders said in a statement that the group is “committed to ensuring that parents across the country have their fundamental right to choose how their children are raised protected.”

Other groups in Colorado that the SPLC has designated as hate groups include the American Freedom Network, the Family Research Institute, Mass Resistance, the Proud Boys and the Patriot Front. The SPLC urges people to use the information in its new report to strengthen their own rights and protect democracy.

In its report, the SPLC says that one of the foundations of hatred in America is male supremacy, as well as Christian supremacy and domination theology. It says these elements could push the United States toward an authoritarian government.

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Pre-election votes sent by mail

The first primary election ballots are landing in the mailboxes of Colorado residents, and the state’s primary election is less than three weeks away.

Mail-in ballots were mailed to all registered voters in Colorado on Monday. Colorado residents are automatically registered when they get a driver’s license or register for other state services. Registration can also be done online by visiting and clicking on “voter registration.”

Ballots must be returned by 7 p.m. on Election Day, June 25. They can be returned to the county office by post, at polling stations, or by mail. Ballots returned by mail must be sent no later than Monday, June 17.

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Law on concealed carrying of weapons signed

Soon, Colorado residents will be required to complete eight hours of in-person training from a qualified instructor before they can obtain a permit to concealed carry a firearm. This is part of a new law that Governor Jared Polis signed on Tuesday. It will take effect on July 1, 2025.

The new law requires passing a shooting test and a written exam. Newly issued concealed carry permits are valid for five years. To renew, individuals must complete two hours of personal training, as well as another shooting test and a written exam.

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Colorado Racism Study

Senate Bill 53, which establishes the new commission, gives Colorado until June 30, 2025, to raise at least $785,000 for the study. If that goal is not met, the donations will be returned and the study will not be conducted, the bill says. ^ “Denver Post”.

State Senator James Coleman, who supported the bill, said that examining the legacy of historical racism and the structural injustices that result from it is “the first step in combating racism.” He added that doing so will lead to a deeper understanding of the impact of past and current racial discrimination.

Supporters of the study say a deeper understanding is needed because inequalities continue to impact the black community, including a disproportionately higher incarceration rate and lower homeownership rates compared to white Coloradans.

Donations are being collected at, and backers hope to reach their milestone before the June 2025 deadline so work can begin.

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Fireworks at Folsom Field canceled

This year, there will be no fireworks display on Independence Day, July 4, at Folsom Field in Boulder.

The city announced in a press release that its partnership with WK Real Estate has ended, forcing it to cancel the annual show. WK Real Estate has been the primary sponsor of Ralphie’s Independence Day Blast for the past 24 years.

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First 32-degree day

The Denver metropolitan area experienced its first day with temperatures over 30 degrees this year. Temperatures in Boulder reached highs of 32 degrees yesterday, but in Louisville it was 32 degrees and in Denver it was 32 degrees.

The hot days come a little early this year: Denver7 states that we will experience the first day with an average of 32 degrees Celsius on June 10th.

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