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As streaming services continue to evolve, Google is set to revolutionize the landscape with its new ad network designed to populate free streaming TV channels with targeted ads. This integration will allow campaigns to be extended across Google TV networks and incorporate Google’s own ad inventory into third-party apps.

Google TV code reveals 50 new free channels: How it was found
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Reach a growing audience on free streaming channels

Google will populate free streaming TV channels with ads as part of its new advertising network. Advertisers will now be able to place targeted ads on Google TV-powered streaming devices and smart TVs as more viewers turn to free streaming channels.

This service, called the Google TV Network, allows advertisers to insert non-skippable in-stream ads on over 125 live channels. Many of these channels are FAST (free, ad-supported streaming TV), which Google actively promotes to its users.

According to Google, there are 20 million active devices using Google TV and Android TV OS each month, which is a significant audience for advertisers. This reach is further amplified by YouTube, which has over 150 million active monthly viewers in living rooms.

Advertisers using Google Ads and Google Display & Video 360 can now extend their campaigns to the Google TV network by selecting a new option under “YouTube & Google.” This allows ads to be distributed across Google TV networks and integrate Google’s own ad inventory into third-party apps.

According to Google, viewers of Google TV’s free channels watch an average of 75 minutes per day. FAST channels are rapidly growing in popularity because they offer a cable-like experience without the cost. Although the content is often reruns, many viewers enjoy background noise, making them an ideal place for advertising.

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Google’s new ad network for free streaming TV channels on Google TV-enabled devices and smart TVs presents a huge opportunity for advertisers. By placing non-skippable in-stream ads on over 125 live channels, many of which are free, ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) channels, Google is capitalizing on the growing popularity of free streaming services.

Find my remote control function

In other news, Google TV is adding a new “Find my remote” feature to help users more easily locate their misplaced remotes. This new feature was unveiled alongside Google’s latest AI products at the recent Google I/O developer conference.

The feature is part of the latest Android TV update, Android 14 for TV. The update includes a button on Google TV that, when pressed, plays a sound on the remote for 30 seconds, making it easier to find. This only works with supported Google TV remotes, and the sound can be stopped by pressing any button on the remote.

This feature works similarly to the ringing of a phone we misplaced at home and offers a simple solution to a common problem. Many users have been wanting this feature for a long time.

Previously, users had to rely on various products such as Bluetooth trackers, tracker tags, beepers, and stickers to keep track of their remotes. This new built-in feature simplifies the process and helps make remotes easy to find throughout the home.

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