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Diane Wang, founder of the Inner Mountain Foundation based in Beijing. (Photo/IC)

As the flame of empowerment for women burns brightly in both China and the United States, the Inner Mountain Foundation, a global women’s empowerment community, opened its first U.S. branch in Los Angeles in early June to help more women develop their inner strength and overcome self-limitations.

The Inner Mountain Foundation promotes women’s empowerment through education, community and outreach. It is based on three unique pillars: Inward-Looking, Community and International.

“We will continue to create an environment that supports self-discovery and mutual edification, based on the concept of ‘holding space,’ which advocates mindful presence and attentive listening,” said Diane Wang, founder of the Beijing-based Inner Mountain Foundation.

“Our goal is to foster a social movement that encourages women to face inner challenges and break free from their limiting beliefs that hinder their potential,” said Wang, who is also the founder, chairwoman and CEO of DHgate Group, a Chinese cross-border business-to-business e-commerce company.

“We are excited to expand our reach with the opening of our California office. With offices around the world, the foundation can foster a dynamic and vibrant culture across national borders,” she said.

At the opening ceremony of the BRICS Women’s Leadership Forum 2024 in Beijing on Tuesday, Yu Jianlong, vice chairwoman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that women entrepreneurs make a significant contribution to economic development by creating jobs and promoting innovation.

“Encouraging women to start and grow businesses can lead to more economic activity and GDP growth,” he said.

DHgate’s Wang stressed that global commerce has evolved beyond the era of dominance by large companies and is now an era where anyone can participate. He said the rapidly growing digital commerce sector is creating numerous opportunities for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and even individuals.

“Digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are the driving forces behind this development. Technology has reshaped global trade in every way,” she added.

By the end of 2023, DHgate served more than 77 million registered buyers from more than 200 countries and regions and connected them with over 2.6 million sellers in China and other countries.

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