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ASHVILLE – In a surprising turn of events, former Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel has been excluded from the NFL’s 2024 recruiting cycle, a decision that sent shockwaves in football circles.

Despite his extensive experience and at least two interviews, Vrabel came away empty-handed as those teams chose other candidates – a deeply disappointing turn of events for the respected coach.

A recent issue of Sports Illustrated felt that awarding Vrabel a single available job was such a travesty that it was called one of the worst offseason decisions in the National Football League.

Albert Breer of SI echoed Connor Orr’s argument that former New England Patriots and multiple Super Bowl winner Bill Belichick also did not get a head coaching job.

“It’s ridiculous that there were eight vacancies and Vrabel and Belichick were still there when the music stopped,” Breer wrote. “My suspicion? Stupid, backwards thinking.”

When Tennessee Titans owner Amy Adams Strunk announced Vrabel’s firing on Jan. 9, most observers assumed the former NFL Coach of the Year would have no trouble finding another coaching job despite two consecutive unsuccessful seasons.

“Both guys run detailed, sophisticated programs,” Breer continued. “Neither of them is going to give a guy in the company warm feelings as a colleague. That’s becoming more and more of a problem for NFL owners, in my opinion. They want people to enjoy coming to the office. They want to be able to play with the toys they bought themselves. They want to get validation of their own genius from the people they hire.”

In six seasons, Vrabel’s Titans teams made the playoffs three years in a row, including a loss in the AFC Championship Game to eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City. Despite that success, consecutive losing seasons – including a 6-18 record in his final 24 games – led to Vrabel’s departure and the hiring of Brian Callahan.

“Coaches like Vrabel and Belichick don’t prioritize these things,” Breer wrote. “But if you ask their assistants or their players, they’ll tell you how these guys make everyone in a team’s football operations better. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the highest priority in some organizations.”

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