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Stamford Partnership co-hosts the Southwest Connecticut Tech Hub, a community that connects the region’s technology employers with the best technology talent. The Tech Hub represents more than 50 of the region’s technology-focused and data-dependent companies.

More than 60,000 Connecticut residents currently work in the state’s technology sector, according to nonprofit economic development group AdvanceCT, a number that local officials say has the potential to grow significantly.

Last fall, the Stamford Partnership was one of 10 key organizations to receive grants from the Good Jobs Challenge and Strengthening Sector Partnerships Initiative programs. The grants were awarded by the U.S. Economic Development Agency to the state’s Office of Workforce Strategy. The project’s goal is to put more Americans to work and spur wage growth.

Connecticut received $24 million in federal grants, the most in the country, with $2.4 million of that earmarked for employer engagement and workforce training by co-organizers of the Southwest Connecticut Tech Hub. The initiative aims to train and place more than 2,000 people in the state’s regional partnerships in sectors such as healthcare, life sciences, information technology and manufacturing.

“Our overall goal with the Southwest Connecticut Tech Hub is to create an innovation center in the greater Fairfield County area to attract companies, connect employers with a talent pool, and provide the training necessary to help companies and workers seize their next big technology opportunities,” explains Patricia Meyer, director of the Good Jobs Challenge Program at the Stamford Partnership.

“The Good Jobs Challenge grant is designed to expand opportunities for diverse populations and communities while eliminating systemic barriers for underrepresented workers. This initiative, focused on technology in the greater Fairfield County area, will provide more equitable training and hiring opportunities for area residents,” Meyer added.

The other co-organizer of the Southwest Connecticut Tech Hub is Bridgeport-based job readiness company The WorkPlace, which will provide workforce development, training and continuing education resources for new tech workers.

A fundamental aspect of the project is the all technology-dependent companies in the region.

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