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Image description, The current England shirt, available from Nike’s official website, costs £124.99 for adults.

It’s summer (seriously) and England and Scotland are competing in the 2024 European Championships starting Friday, so you’re sure to see replica football shirts everywhere as the two nations get caught up in the excitement.

However, with official shirts costing more than £100, the popularity of cheaper, fake shirts is increasing.

Although the problem has been around for years, BBC Sport has investigated it.

Audio subtitlesHow easy is it to buy fake football shirts online?

In the UK, selling counterfeit jerseys is illegal.

Lisa Webb, from consumer group Which?, told BBC Breakfast: “These items are illegal to sell in this country, so anyone buying counterfeit products is buying from a criminal.”

“It is incredibly tempting to buy counterfeit products simply because they are often so cheap. But this could very well be used to finance crimes such as terrorism or slavery.”

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Image description, The official England away shirt is on offer for £84.99

How much do they cost?

An official replica of the England ‘Dri Fit’ adult home shirt, made by Nike, costs £124.99 on the official website, the kids’ version costs £119.99 and the kids’ ‘Home Stadium’ shirt costs £64.99. The men’s ‘Dri Fit’ away shirt costs £84.99.

The fake children’s shirts offered in an online store are available for between £4 and £14.

The official Scotland home shirt by Adidas retails for £75, but you can buy a fake one for as little as £13.17 on some websites.

The trade in counterfeit stripes costs Nike £2.8 billion in lost revenue every year, according to research by Futurum Asia.

Football fan Dan told BBC’s You and Yours: “I can buy shirts for all four of my children for the price of one. Some children are demanding and parents are under a lot of pressure. I’m lucky to be able to afford the copies.”

“Unfortunately, there are people today who can hardly afford these things because money is so tight. I know people who would have bought the original in the past.”

video subtitles, BBC Breakfast discussed the problems surrounding counterfeit jerseys

Increasing popularity

The founder of football lifestyle magazine Mundial, Seb White, also told the BBC that the desire to be “on trend” had contributed to the increasing popularity of wearing the latest shirt.

He said: “There is so much money in football, there is a huge demand and a huge hype around football and football shirts. You see shirts on catwalks, MPs wear them in Parliament.”

“The demand for shirts is so high that they can almost afford the high price. And besides, people are willing to pay it because they want to be seen in the latest clothes.

“Children and people put pressure on their parents because they want the latest thing. At the moment the latest thing seems to be the latest football shirt.”

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